Sean’s family came down to Sydney for the weekend and we all decided to go for Teppanyaki – where the chef cooks all the food on a hot plate right in front of you, and well, sometimes they throw it at you too.

The chef starts off with a massive fire. 

Isn’t that a magnificent thing of beauty? *sighs* A great showstopper, and very hypnotic.

And like I said before, really good food’s getting cooked right in front of you!

Fish smothered in garlic butter. Mmmmm. *Salivates*

To fry the beef, he sets the succulent piece of meat on fire.

It’s the most juicy, tasty example of beef ever!! I could eat meat like that everyday. *daydreams about juicy beef*. 

The chef also made the largest omelet I’ve ever seen!

And a picture of our cheeky chef.

And Sean’s dad getting covered with paper towel, and a bowl placed on his head to catch raw eggs!

I would’ve taken more photos, but man that chef worked fast. I was also really preoccupied with all the tasty food! There’s a whole selection of seafood and vegies that I didn’t remember to photograph just because they were so yummy!

End of show! *Applauds*

We ate at:

Ichi-ban Teppanyaki
9 Wentworth Street Parramatta 2150

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  1. Simon Food Favourites October 9, 2010 at 5:40 am

    looks like a lot of scary fun. was a pleasure meeting you today at the picnic 🙂


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