Sydney Food Blog Review of Newtown Thai II, Newtown

Memories are a funny thing. Every time I feel like Thai food, I have a strong compulsion to hike it down to Newtown, back to the days of long uni lunch breaks in between classes.

So naturally, when I happen to find myself in Newtown, I head for Thai food! The math works out.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Newtown Thai II, Newtown

Newtown Thai II is a favourite amongst students and hipsters alike with their fast service and turnaround, and super duper cheap lunch deals. Their Pad Thai is something that fills me with nostaligia..and also fills me with MASSIVE portions.

Not the best around necessarily, but ticks all the right boxes of cheap, quick, convenient and easy. It’s the sequel, for a reason! If you’re in Newtown, and decide to walk down memory lane, I would totes recommend stopping by, just for that povo Uni student experience. I know I will be.

This meal was independently paid for.
Newtown Thai II
105 King St
Newtown, NSW
Phone: +61 2 9519 1197

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