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    Gyros? Yeeros? The Yeeros Shop, Marrickville

    Lamb Gyros, The Yeeros Shop: Sydney Food Blog Review

    Lamb Gyros, The Yeeros Shop: Sydney Food Blog Review

    “So the other day, Simon and I went for lunch…”

    “Do all your stories start out with food?”

    Sam got a smack in the arm for that, but you know what? He’s not wrong. All my stories DO start out with food and I’ve got the waistline to show for it. I wear it like a badge of honour, on my…belly.


    Simon and I DID go out for lunch one rainy afternoon, making a special trip to Marrickville to visit Blackforest Smokehouse for their cured goods, on the same morning we found out that cured meat was bad for you. Like really really bad for you.

    Talk about timing, huh?

    So packets of bacon and chorizo later, we found ourselves standing outside The Yeeros shop in Marrickville, because it seemed just a little too on-the-nose to just rip into our newly-bought cancer meats like the starving food bloggers that we were.

    What’s the difference between Gyros and Yeeros, anyway?

    Whatever it is, all I know is that it means for me spiced meat with fresh veggies, rolled in a soft wheat wrap. A thin sheet of baking paper tries its darndest to hold together a straining roll of lamb and sauce, but it really serves little structural purpose, like a woman’s negligee. This meal was designed for you to get messy with it, and messy with it we shall get.

    Lamb Gyros, The Yeeros Shop: Sydney Food Blog Review

    Chunks of browned lamb and shreds of lettuce spill out between my fingers with every bite, and I had the pleasure to lick it off with garlic-vinegar-dipped chunky chips that smelled intensely of potatoes. No no, this wasn’t just the “deep fried chip” aroma that follows you lovingly like a besotted suitor, no. This was some serious potato black magic, and the chips just tasted intensely of the actual vegetable, with every steaming bite that we took.

    And it was many many bites, too, because the serving was so large that neither Simon nor I could actually finish it in its entirety. And that’s on top of us sharing one small order of chips. Great to share, although I’m not sure how it would go down with the ‘authentic’ service – I really don’t know what is it about good, hearty food like this that requires brusque service and people who talk to you like you don’t know anything Jon Snow, but I’m happy to sign up to the experience.

    I am Asian, after all.

    Definitely drop by for a shared lunch if you’re in the area, or make the trip out with friends and go on a food crawl! I heard that there’s a really good pickle shop in the area…

    This meal was independently paid for.
    The Yeeros Shop
    431 Illawarra Rd
    Marrickville NSW 2204
    Phone: +61 2 9559 1167

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