Late last year, Sean and I bought a $99 picnic hamper for two off Cudo. I’ve always said that I was a “simulated outdoors” kind of person – I like the idea of the outdoors, like dining al fresco, but I don’t actually like being outdoors.

So this was perfect for us! With the ability to pick where we choose to picnic – the simulated outdoors of course – and getting “gourmet” choices, it’s a win-win situation!

Sean very nicely organized all the transport for the day. I have an idea of where I’d like the day to go, and Sean gets me there! Great partnership model.


A drive and a ferry ride later, Sean’s very considerately checking out the map so that we hit all the interesting bits and don’t get lost.

Meanwhile, I collect our very cute looking picnic basket from Toast Food!



Although I was chomping at the bit to get at the food, Sean insisted that we take the audio tour (also included with the package) before we settle down for lunch. The outdoor bit of my simulated outdoors I guess!

I’m really glad that we did go, though. As a person who likes crafty things, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of this:


A sort-of mural made out of coloured cups!!! So cute. I feel like it’s a great take on the different kind of murals that you can create.

There was also a lot of history learning that day, but since you’re reading a food blog, I know you’d much prefer to hear about the food!






The picnic basket didn’t have anything particularly unusual, but was definitely an integral part of the whole experience. Somehow, cold sandwiches and bottles of water just doesn’t seem to fit in with the whole landscape and atmosphere. Was it yummy? Definitely. Sean really went at the cheese platter and the prosciutto was greatly (and sincerely) complimented by the soft, fragrant bread.

But the big question is: Was it worth the $99? Well, considering that the whole package included the audio tour and the food, it was a relatively good deal. It isn’t quite like some of the other vouchers in terms of its “SCORE factor” – the feeling of “Score! Win!” – but it was still a great day out.

We ate at:

The Canteen

Cockatoo Island
Port Jackson NSW 2090

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