And, no, it’s not the doctor on TV. Vina and Lauren had heard about a dessert called “Better Than Sex” at House, in Surry Hills. Talk about expectations hey?

Well, there always needs to be a lead up, so first.


We had a great seafood salad – Yum Sea Food, $14. It was a little bit on the spicy side, but the seafood was nicely cooked with a great dressing. It was light, tangy, slightly salty…I thought it went really well with the glutinous rice, which came in this uber cute steaming basket!!


We also had some lovely spiced chicken – Gai Yang, $16.


It was surprisingly well cooked – there are so many places that seem to overdo the chicken for some reason – and full of bursting flavour. The chicken was juicy, and not fatty, and each bite was lovingly dipped into a sweet/spicy chilli sauce that it was served with.

And the last savoury dish that was ordered was the herbal soup – Aorn Gai, $14.


Topped with dill, this soup was really refreshing…in a broth sort of way. It’s quite hard to describe, but it whenever I started feeling a little bit full, the soup actually made me feel…cleansed, and actually whetted my appetite. Served in a little pot on a stand, it was also really cute, and had great visual effect.

And finally.

What everyone has been waiting for.


Better Than Sex is a piece of extremely soft white bread is fried and topped with a gargantuan, monolithic scoop of pandan coconut ice cream and treacle-y caramel syrup. Was it good? Extremely. Did it live up to its name? Well, depends on how you like either I suppose. But it is very good.

In essence, the food was tasty, and the service not too bad. There was a nice flow of people through for dinner, and it got neither too crowded or quiet.

Definitely somewhere that I would go to again.

We ate at:

(02) 9280 0364
Surry Hills
202 Elizabeth St
Surry Hills, 2010

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  1. sugarpuffi October 7, 2011 at 4:24 am

    i want something better than sex D:


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