PS Cafe
PS Cafe

Upon hearing about my trip back to Singapore, Mel very excitedly told me about this new place with really good food. Given that we’re both fries fiends, I very excitedly went along with her to this mysterious cafe.

We decided to order 3 dishes. The Caesar Salad with Dukkah Croutons, S$19.00 was an unimpressive start to the meal – while the croutons were nice and crusty, they lacked the distinctive nutty crunch of flavour that I’ve come to associate with dukkah.

The Truffle Fries, $15.00 were full of promise, having been described as shoestring fries lightly tossed in truffle oil. The golden fries came infused with the heavenly smell of mushroom-y goodness. But as divine as the smell was, biting into the fries just came up with a faint tingly flavour. They were good, but not the deep flavour of truffles that I was looking forward to. Although, considering the portion, it’s something nice to share between a few people as a snack.

There was something really fantastic that came out of the trip though – the Mudcrab and Caviar Rigatoni, $28.00 was a more-than-pleasant surprise. Topped with freshly shaved Parmesan, the rigatoni in its creamy sauce cunningly hid a mound of mud crab meat that infused the sauce with gorgeous crustacean flavour.  A must-try, this had us mopping up the remainder of the sauce with the last pieces of rigatoni left in the plate. Beautiful.

Apparently the branch at Dempsey is the best, but there are also others that are easier to get to if you want to give it a try but catching a taxi in is more effort than you’re willing to go through. Still worth a try though! I recommend going in a group to get the best value/variety for your cash. 

We ate at:

PS Cafe
28B Harding Rd
Singapore 249549
+65 9070 8782

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