Welcome to my freezer. Yes, I know that it’s a little bit overwhelming, but I assure you that this is for a very good cause.

It is so easy to nibble away at food when you’re packing away leftovers. Especially when there’s that little bit that can’t fit in the container. That last spoonful that looks at you and goes, “Don’t waste me! I’m so tasty!” If you’re not careful, those spoonfuls will lead you to unknowingly eat a whole other meal!

What I try to do is portion my food as soon as I do the grocery shopping. I figure out how much I need for the meal and leftovers for lunch the next day. Then I put them in zipper bags and freeze them flat for easy defrosting.

I believe that munching is a good thing. But unknowing munching is very very dangerous. Not to mention that you’re not actually savouring whatever you’re eating (because you’re not eating for the enjoyment of the food), but you also end up with all the calories that you don’t know you’ve consumed!

Not cool.

Avoid unknowing eating and save those calories to munch on other things! And you know there are other, more enjoyable things to munch on. 😉

Happy munching!

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