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  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood

    Poong Nab Dong, Eastwood

    Ever heard of the phrase, “it’s too hot to eat?” I know, I know. Sacrilege. But still. Sydney’s had those days lately, and it’s been a real bitch. That’s why when Simon suggested Poong…

  • Snow Cheese Chicken from Sparrow's Mill

    Sparrow’s Mill, Sydney CBD

    Somewhere, the stars aligned, and someone thought to themselves, “I will put cheese powder on fried chicken to create a Twisty KFC love child” And so the Snow Cheese Chicken was born.…

  • A Korean BBQ Burger with chips and garlic mayo served on a black slate at Miel Burger in Brisbane
    Brisbane Review Travel

    Miel Container, Brisbane

    Eat Drink Blog 2014 was certainly an epic weekend of eating and making new friends, but I absolutely had to squeeze in an extra trip to a burger place that I’ve heard so much…

  • Korean style kimchi dumplings are steamed and served with a side of soy, pickled radish, and freshly marinated cabbage.

    The Mandoo, Eastwood

    I think I’ve become one of those Asian people who rove around constantly looking for more Asian food. And you know what? I’m going to own that. If there was a medical condition, I…

  • Chilli cheese chicken from Arisun

    Korean Food Crawl, Haymarket

    After going on my first official food crawl, I have to admit that I’m hooked. There’s just something really exciting – to me anyway – about the prospect of eating a huge variety of…

  • Recipe

    Party Food Roundup: The Mains

    Photo by Richard Hemmer ‘Tis the season…to get your eat on! And if you’re the cook in the house, you’re not just in charge of your own belly, you’re also in charge of feeding…

  • Review

    Jean’s Chilli Chicken, Eastwood

    There has been a lot of brouhaha revolving around Korean Fried Chicken, but I think that there hasn’t been nearly enough recognition for it’s fiestier cousin – the chilli chicken.I first had chilli chicken…