Eat Drink Blog 2014 was certainly an epic weekend of eating and making new friends, but I absolutely had to squeeze in an extra trip to a burger place that I’ve heard so much about:

Miel Container, which is a burger shop that is actually built into a bright red shipping container.

So Nessy (from Nessy Eater) and I went off in search of the magical home of this Korean/burger lovechild, and much like Harry Potter and Platform 9 and 3/4, finally stumbled upon it after walking round and round in loops. (Hint: no matter how the maps on your phone try to convince you that it’s at the flight centre, it’s not. It’s on the closest junction corner. Ask for directions.)

Thankfully, we still arrived 5 minutes to opening, and had a bit of time to peruse the menu. We finally settled on a burger each, and a fries to share. After all, we hadn’t had breakfast, right?

Korean BBQ Bulgogi BurgerKorean BBQ Bulgogi Burger, $12

First on the list was the Korean BBQ Bulgogi Burger, $12. Super thin slices of bulgogi marinated beef – a Korean soy-based marinade that utilises accents of nashi pear and onions to create a sweet/salty flavour – are strategically charred to mimic the smokiness of Korean tabletop barbecues. It’s then sandwiched between fluffy brioche bun halves with salad leaves, Spanish onions, tomatoes, cheese, and a bean paste mayo that reminds me of a cross between Ssam jang – a Korean fermented soy bean paste sauce – and an aioli.

Miso Smoked Pork Belly BurgerMiso Smoked Pork Belly Burger, $12.50

Another highly recommended burger was the Miso Smoked Pork Belly Burger, $12.50. Wafer thin slices of pork belly is given a similar treatment as the beef, except with a different marinade, and infused with the same table-top-barbecue-smokiness that we all know and love. This time, slices of gherkin cut through the richness of the aioli, and the lettuce and tomato bring echoes of a BLT to some crazy awesome level.

Miel FriesMiel Fries, $11

And even though our burgers came with chips and sauce, I just had to have the Miel Fries, $11. Thick cut chips are covered with fresh chopped tomatoes, sweet chilli sauce, and chunks of bacon (and I mean actual bacon that has been fried and then chopped kinda chunks), before being covered with melty mozzarella cheese.

Love that pizza-ad-stringy-cheese-pull.

I felt like especially with a side of chips included with the burgers, it was fantastic value for money, and we struggled to finish the lot. The burgers were very nicely balanced, and the brioche buns had a good fluffy to buttery ratio, and weren’t so rich (like some others I’ve had) that they overpower the rest of the ingredients.

Service is also speedy and polite, and I think it’s really cool that the owner of the joint (and ‘face’ of Miel Container) is actually still working in his own kitchen and serving up food.


Miel Container Burgers
Cnr Of Mary St And 96 Albert St
Brisbane, QLD 4000
Phone: 0423 466 503
Opening Hours: Mon-Thurs, Sat, 11am-10pm, Fri, 11am-12mn, Sun, Closed

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