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  • A fork digging into a bowl of pho amongst a table of food that includes grilled chicken

    You pho, Me Pho!

    There’s been major changes down Eastwood’s Rowe St recently – shops vacate and restaurants move in (Bao Dao and Tounoya, to name a few), which can only mean good things for a glutton like…

  • A tub of bright pink taramasalata, a salted cod roe dip full creamy with garlic and lemon.

    Test Kitchen: Taramasalata

    So we all know that I have this habit of buying interesting ingredients before I know what I’m going to do with them – squid ink being one of them – and now I’ve…

  • Photo by Rachel Kramer
    Round Up

    Winter Warmers Round Up!

    We are now in the second half of winter, which means it’s last chances to have the oven and slow cooker running at the same time, without worrying that you are going to get…

  • Two glasses of soy chai latte, with a glass tea pot to serve

    Homemade Chai Latte

    One of my favourite things in winter is a hot, steaming cup of tea. Now I’m the type of person to wear a tank top right until it’s absolutely freezing, so there’s only a…

  • Free form pie with a creamy ham and leek filling spilling out from the middle

    Leftover Pie

    Leftovers. Both a blessing and a curse, they can be the most convenient thing in your fridge, or that tub of mystery meat that you don’t want to throw out but you’re absolutely tired…

  • Man soup: made with ham hock meat, root vegetables, chicken and lemon

    Man Soup

    I think that it’s entirely appropriate that my first bowl of ┬áMan Soup was made by a man. I had a bad case of the cold, and was holed up under the covers feeling…

  • Persian noodle soup topped with yoghurt and fried onion and mint.

    Ash E Reshteh (Persian Noodle Soup)

    Winter is the season for noodle soups, and I don’t discriminate! From chicken noodle soups, to one-pot man soups, and everything in-between, noodle soups are the perfect all-in-one dish to soothe a cold and…

  • Recipe

    Kari Makanan Laut (Seafood Curry)

    In the words of Game of Thrones, winter is comingggggg. And with the cold weather, comes the perfect occasion for stews and curries. And that, my friends, speaks to my comfort-carb-lovin’-self. So what better…