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  • Aerial shot of the Triple Chilli Chicken Salad

    Banana Blossom Asian Salads, Bondi

    It’s summer, and that means it’s the dreaded swimsuit season. Dreaded, for this foodie, because it heralds the end of what’s meant to be seasonal gorging and gluttony. And the beginning of a tenuous…

  • A salad of black rice and pearl cous cous, served with a roasted garlic and tahini dressing, greek yoghurt, baby beetroot and smoked almonds. Here, it's served on a blue-rimmed tin plate and laid next to a fork and spoon, on a blue tea towel.

    Grain Salad

    I think salads can often be maligned as a boring, bitter, only-eat-if-you-got-no-other-option type of dish. And sometimes, salads are the forgotten cousin, thrown into a menu as a side so that some people can…

  • Marinated chicken hearts are alternately skewered with bacon pieces, then grilled and basted with the marinade.

    Chicken Heart Skewers

    In trying to make a cuban sandwich the other week, I dropped by my local butcher to buy some pork shoulder. While I was there, I noticed that they had chicken hearts on special,…