Sydney Food Blog Review of Paesanella, Haberfield: Burrata

I know that there’s always been a stereotype of the lactose-intolerant Asian. Apparently the Asians who aren’t lactose intolerant have some kind of genetic mutation that allows them to enjoy dairy products.

So…I must be the newest member of X-men! Because I do so love my cheese.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Paesanella, Haberfield: Burrata

Ever since I was first introduced to the glorious creamy mess that is Burrata by my cool aunt in Singapore, I’ve been obsessed. Absolutely, head-over-heels I-would-stalk-it-if-it-were-a-celebrity kind of obsessed.

But it’s just so hard to get a good one, especially when the one that constituted my initiation was one that was flown in fresh from Italy. Very hard to beat.

Well guess what? I FOUND ONE! Christine and I were talking about Burrata and doing our best Homer-Simpson-dreaming-about-doughnuts impressions one day, and Simon had the very helpful but dangerous suggestion that we try Paesanella.

Let me just say that the Burrata from this place is pretty legit. Stretchy mozzarella stretched into a ball is further filled with salted cream, leading to this explosion of delicious cheese. And $10 got us a ball large enough for 3 people to share as an entree, especially when paired with a homemade truffle crouton, balsamic glaze, cherry tomato, shaved eschallot salad. So much yum in so few mouthfuls.

And really, how can you resist any place that calls itself a ‘food emporium’? Makes me just want to walk in and yell, “DELIGHT ME! DELIGHT ME WITH YOUR CHEESE!!!”

This meal was independently paid for.
Paesanella Food Emporium
150-152 Marrickville Road
Marrickville, Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 9519 6181

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