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February 2015

  • Large mixed grill plate from Jasmine 1 in Auburn

    Of flatbreads and pickles: Jasmine 1, Auburn

    A quick Google of Jasmine 1 in Auburn turns up very conflicting results: no one can seem to agree on whether it’s actually part of a chain, whether there’s an affiliation between the different…

  • Tonkotsu Ramen from Ramen O-San

    Ramen O-San, Haymarket

    Sydney is truly in the grips of pork fever – and I mean the good kind. From crackling, to rolls, to bacon, we are truly all about that pig, bout that pig, no treble.…

  • Prawn Roll from Suzhizilla

    Godzirra Sushizilla!

    There’s just something about sushi trains that are just so fascinating for me: the lights, the colours, and the endless varieties of small bites smothered in mayo and teriyaki sauce. Yeah, I think it’s…

  • Peaches and Cream Iced Tea from T2 Teas
    Product Review

    Keeping My Cool with T2 Cool Sorts

    I’ve always been fascinated by cocktails and iced teas, probably because the delicate mixing of flavours to me is like alchemy, and that promise of absolute gold at the end of you get it…

  • Spring Onion Korean Fried Chicken

    Stark Raving…Mad Fo’ Chicks, Eastwood

    I’m glad I live in a world where Korean Fried Chicken joints pop up like daisies in the summer. It means variety, choice, and a horizon filled with battered and fried juicy morsels. And…