With Marys, Moo, Grill’d, Chur, and countless other burger joints, Sydney is definitely upping its burger game.

So when a new food truck pops up in Sydney serving up burgers, you know I just have to go try it out!

I’ve been following Mister Gee Burger Truck for a while on Instagram now, and it’s become like a daytime soap opera for me – I’ve become so invested in the development of the burgers characters that I’ve been foaming at the mouth for an opportunity to meet them in person.

Cheese Boogie, $10Cheese Boogie, $10

And the opportunity finally came in the form of the Burwood Carwash! The bright lights from inside the van shone like a beacon, luring us into the siren’s song of burgers and fries.

The menu was simple. A burger, a side (with one variation), and a drink. No analysis paralysis here – you either want it or not. And I like that. Saves me from making one too many decisions! We ordered one of everything: Cheese Boogie (Burger), $10, Dirty Fries, $5, and a Baklava Milkshake, $6.

The Cheese Boogie (pictured above) featured a juicy patty sandwiched between two soft buns, a accented by tangy pickles and caramelised onions, with oozy melted cheese. While it wasn’t some mind-blowing concoction, it was a really comforting burger. Something you can sink your teeth into, and just melt into your happy place and let the world fade away. I really liked the balance of the burger too – it carried just the right amount of tart to cut through the richness of the patty, and every bite had a good ratio of all the key elements that make up the Cheese Boogie.

Similarly balanced was the Dirty Fries (pictured below). Shoestring fries (my favourite kind) are topped with a tomato salsa, cheese, and a creamy special sauce made up by the chef (is he the Mister Gee in question? I forgot to ask).

Dirty Fries, $4Dirty Fries, $5

This was a moreish snack, and there was again a good topping to fries ratio, where we weren’t left bereft after finish the top layer of fries. Very important and often overlooked, I feel. And it’s this balance that speaks to a thoughtfulness behind the seemingly simple menu.

And finally, the Baklava Milkshake, $6. Milkshake with bits of baklava – that amazing middle eastern filo pastry and nuts dessert that’s absolutely soaked with fragrant orange blossom syrup – actually blended through it. I’m not kidding you. Of course, it could be argued that anyone can take a vanilla milkshake and blend baklava through it, and that it could be just a little thicker, but really, points for effort and innovation, because it’s not something that I would ever think to blend into my milkshake creations.

So kudos for that.

At the moment, Mister Gee Burger Truck is releasing their schedule off their Facebook and Instagram, so be sure to follow them if you’d like to catch the truck!

Mister Gee Burger Truck
Mobile Food Truck, Sydney
Location Varies-See FB
Phone: 0411 092 663
Website: http://www.instagram.com/mistergeeburgertruck

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    The fries looks so good 😛


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