My Mama and me! 

Mothers do so much for us: lovingly and selflessly, and most of the time, thanklessly. And while we all know that Mum shouldn’t just be celebrated on one day of the year, we don’t always appreciate Mum as much as she deserves it. So if you’re wondering what to give the woman who has given you life and an appreciation of good food (and she already has too many mugs), here are some gift ideas that any foodie mum will appreciate.

Shopping Basket

Fulfil any foodie’s French marketing fantasy by getting her this lovely shopping basket from The Market Basket Co. for all her weekly groceries! Once she slips the soft Moroccan leather handles over her shoulder she can imagine that she’s wandering down cobblestone streets, with all her treasures from the markets. It’s like making every grocery trip a holiday! Extra points if you put a selection of gourmet food in the basket when you give it to her!

Tea Garden in a Box

My mum loves gardening, and tea? So if your mum’s like mine, why not give her a tea garden in a box? Fill it with aromatic herbs like chocolate mint and pineapple sage, and it ensures that Mum can have an insanely fragrant fresh pot of tea whenever the winter chill strikes! Get the instructions here

Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Source: Something Turquoise

If your mom is a foodie, she probably makes the best cookies in the world. But you know what the problem with making the best cookies in the world is? That it’s not special to you because you know exactly what goes into it! Well why not give mom your special cookies: all the joy of baking, but with some of the mystery left for the joy of eating! Bonus points if you give these to her accompanied with a cellophane bag of the baked cookies for her to eat right now. Get the instructions here.

Flavoured Salts

Source: Country Living

Any foodie worth their salt (heh heh) loves variety, and homemade flavoured salts are a way of combining your creativity with theirs! You’re not only providing inspiration, you’re providing the building blocks of deliciousness. And these are so easy to make, you don’t have to stop at six! Why not include variations like Vanilla salt and Bloody Mary salt? Find the instructions for these flavoured salts from Country Living here.

Hot Chocolate Truffles

Source: Your Cup of Cake

As much as a food mum would enjoy a box of truffles, can you imagine how mind blowing it would be to give her hot chocolate truffles? Made with a similar method to regular truffles, these sweet morsels can be dropped into a mug of warm milk, providing an instant cup of steaming chocolatey goodness for a winter evening. Want to take it to another level? Why not gift these to her with a bottle of Irish cream! You know it would go perfectly with the ‘Best Mum in the World’ mug she got from you 5 years ago.  You can find the instructions for these truffles here.

Edible Bouquet

Source: Maggie’s Wine

That bouquet of flowers that you’ve ordered is pretty and nice smelling and all, but I’m sure that foodie mums would rather have something they can eat. But it doesn’t mean that it can’t be pretty! Why not gift her with a bouquet of fresh herbs – I bet you that they smell better than the flowers! Find more inspiration here.

All gifts aside, I’m sure that all your mum wants is to hang out with her favourite people: her family. So make her that cuppa, and just ask her how she’s doing. And don’t forget the rest of the year!

Have a happy Mothers’ Day you guys!

Note: Tammi from InsatiableMunchies was gifted with a shopping basket from The Market Basket Co. and Pursuit Communications.

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