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I’ve been tagged!! Thanks to Gourmet Getaways for the tag! So first, the questions:

1. List five foods you could you never bring yourself to eat?

Fresh capsicum. Roasted is okay on occasion, but nothing Iron Chef Chairman Kaga style. Nope. Everything else I’m open to.

2. Share your happiest food memory.

Eating Haagen Dazs ice cream with my dad. My mom was overseas, so he set up the movie projector to project onto the ceiling above my parents’ bed, and we ate ice cream and watched Stargate together. =)

3. What would be your most embarrassing fashion moment?

Oh gawd. My entire teenagehood. 

4. Finish this sentence, “It drives me mental when….”

I’m craving something and I can’t justify getting it. 

5. Finish this sentence, “There is nothing better in life than…”

Falling asleep knowing that if something happens while you’re out, someone will be there to take care of you. 

6. You find a magic lantern and are granted one wish from the Genie of the lamp, what would your wish be?

I wish that my mother can retire in any lifestyle of her choosing, and that I can earn enough to financially support her in whatever she chooses to do. 

7. If you had one hour of invisibility what would you do?

I would go to a Michelin Star kitchen during dinner hour and just watch.

8. What made you decide to share your life with the world via a blog?

Well, I like experimenting with food, talking about food, reading about food… and I thought that someone out there might be interested in reading about my experiences too. =) 


And now it’s my turn!!

First the bloggers:

Rosalind from Rasa Rosa
Simon from The Heart of Food
Anita from No Red Meat
Julie from I dream in chocolate
Celeste from Berrytravels

Now the questions:

1. If the world’s supply of food was due to die out, what 3 ingredients would you save?
2. If you were to host a themed party, what theme would you set?
3. Who – alive or dead – would you want to share your last meal with?
4. What is your absolute comfort food?
5. What is the most useful tool in your kitchen?
6. When did you first realise that food had a special place in your heart?
7. Aliens have landed and there is a world summit to introduce them to the wonders of Earth. You have been invited to the potluck party. What do you bring?
8. If your kitchen was on fire, what is the one thing you’d save?

=) Hope it wasn’t too random!

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