Photo by Tower Girl

Food makes me happy. There. I’ve said it. I’ll also be the first to admit that I constantly turn to food whenever I’m having a bad day. Whether I’m cooking, (or more often) eating, food is that constant friend that is always on hand and is an extremely good listener.

Most people (and they’re probably right) say that comfort eating is an avoidance of your problems, and by doing that you’re not really facing up to and solving the problem. But I do believe that everyone needs to find a way to get out of the negative headspace, especially during highly emotional moments. A quick escape button, if you will.

It’s almost like how some people call their mom when they’re at a particularly hard time in their life, just for comfort. Same thing. Sometimes you just can’t measure the rush of pleasure that that first bite of bacon (or your comfort food of choice) will give you.

Comfort eating may not be as bad a thing as we convince ourselves it is.

Happy munching.

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