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  • Review of Tim Ho Wan, Chatswood

    The Michelin Effect: Tim Ho Wan, Chatswood

    The Michelin guide started as a general guide for motorists. The Michelin brothers (who owned the tire company), decided to publish a guide that included maps, instructions for changing tires…and where to eat if…

  • Restaurant Review of Simmer Huang, Eastwood

    What just happened? Simmer Huang, Eastwood

    Ever go to a restaurant for dinner, and then walk out wondering what the hell just happened? Well, that happened to me, at a newly opened Simmer Huang in Eastwood. Eastwood has always been…

  • Tender white rice noodles sit in a rich creamy broth, mixed with some greens and bean sprouts. A chopstick gently lifts a mouthful out of the soup.

    Two Sticks, Sydney CBD

    Many Chinese dishes have stories behind them. Maybe it’s cause we know that food tastes richer with a legend or two, or maybe the lack of modern entertainment gave us cause to make things…

  • A basket of shanghai xiao long bao from Taste of Shanghai

    Taste of Shanghai, Eastwood

    Xiao Long Bao, to me, is a peasant dish that is extremely delicate. Many components make up these juicy mouthfuls: a thin, translucent skin that still holds up well enough for you to pick…

  • Shandong Chicken from Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Hong Kong Recipe, Eastwood

    Eastwood really seems to be buzzing these days. Eateries and shops are popping up like daisies in spring, and I – for one – am NOT complaining. So today it’s off to Hong Kong…

  • 7 colour dumplings

    Dainty Dumpling House, Rhodes

    Sydney certainly has no lack of dumpling joints. From Din Tai Fung to New Shanghai to Taste of Shanghai, a craving for dumplings need never go unsatisfied. So when a new dumpling place opens…

  • Light, refreshing, and perfect for summer

    Pomelo Salad

    Happy Lunar New Year y’all!!! May you prosper, enjoy good grades, languish in good health, live a long life and just generally have a good time in the year ahead. If you’re not familiar…