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  • Pakistani style chicken biryani from Faheem's Fast Food

    Refugee Week Meetup Food Crawl

    Every year, the Refugee Council of Australia organises Refugee Week, a period where awareness is spread about the journey of refugees, and when we celebrate their positive contributions. This year, Refugee Week falls between…

  • Deep fried crickets, dusted with native NSW spices.

    Stanley Street Merchants

    I’ve been called – some would say accused of being – a hippie. No no, I thoroughly enjoy my creature comforts and only venture outdoors in limited amounts, but I do believe in eating…

  • Review

    Canley Heights Food Crawl, Part 2

    Goodness gracious great bowls of noodles! 1.5kg Pho Challenge at Huong Xua Three restaurants down, and three to go in the epic food crawl with Thang, Isaac, Amy, Christine, Jeroxie and Kate! At this…

  • Review

    Canley Heights Food Crawl, Part 1

    I’m always envious when people talk about going on pub crawls, since I’m slightly allergic to alcohol – tasting is okay, drinking is apparently not. I always feel like I keep missing out on…

  • Melbourne Review Travel

    Golden Fields, St Kilda

    Kingfish, Avocado, Fresh Wasabi, Konbu, $8 (half portion) “You’ll remember me when the west wind moves/ upon the fields of barleyYou’ll forget the sun in his jealous sky/ when we walk in fields of…

  • Review

    Taste of Sydney, 2014

    Clockwise from top left: Suckling pig on a spit from 4fourteen, Woodfired lamb from PorteƱo, Mussels in Apple Cider from 4fourteen, the most bad ass name card holder I’ve ever seen Once a year,…

  • Hawaii Review Travel

    Alan Wong’s, Hawaii

    If you’re into your fine dining, then Alan Wong’s would be a must-go stop when you visit Hawaii. Alan Wong is one of the top chefs synonymous with Hawaii fine dining, and his clever…

  • Melbourne Review Travel

    Real A Gastropub, Hawaii

    Gastropubs are not entirely a new beast of eatery, but it definitely ticks all the boxes for being trendy. It’s usually got creative, pub-styled food, and a large selection of gourmet and/or flavoured beers…

  • Hawaii Review Travel

    Pineapple Room, Hawaii

    Furikake Crusted New Zealand, All Natural Ora King Salmon on Ochazuke Risotto.  Located inside Macy’s at the Ala Moana Shopping Centre, the Pineapple Room is Alan Wong’s casual dining counterpart to his fine dining…