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    Most important meal of the day: Sokyo, Pyrmont

    Sydney Food Blog Review of Sokyo, Pyrmont

    Sydney Food Blog Review of Sokyo, Pyrmont: Eggs Benedict

    I am not a breakfast person. Far from it. And whether not it’s contributed to my ever burgeoning waistline – although I do think it’s more to do with all the delicious food that I’m inclined to consume – I still maintain that I will only eat breakfast if there’s something delicious that’s worth the effort it takes to wake up in the morning.

    Can you tell that I’m not a morning person?

    But you know which culture does breakfast really well? The Japanese, that’s who. With rice, fish, pickles and soup, they really give meaning to “feasting like a king”. And if there’s any day where I get to have breakfast like royalty, it’s my birthday, dammit!

    Sydney Food Blog Review of Sokyo, Pyrmont

    So Sam brings me to Sokyo, where they offer up dishes like an Eggs Benedict, complete with crispy bacon, brioche and miso hollandaise, and the more traditional Choushoku breakfast, with grilled fish (pictured above), pickles, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi and edamame beans.

    Sydney Food Blog Review of Sokyo, Pyrmont

    Sydney Food Blog Review of Sokyo, Pyrmont

    The Choushoku Breakfast was, well, it was a bit lacking, especially with my high HIGH hopes. There was a ton of rice with not quite enough to go with it, throwing the whole tray off balance. What was there, though, was insanely delicious. The grilled tooth fish was silky smooth and buttery, and the chawanmushi was cooked just rice to showcase the sweet egg custard. It just didn’t have…enough of it to truly hit the spot. Not for a glutton guts like me, anyway.

    The Eggs Benedict ticked most of the boxes for what you want from an eggs benedict – buttery hollandaise, unctuous brioche, crispy bacon etc – but I was kinda missing the fusion elements of it. Sure, the hollandaise has miso in it, but it wasn’t particularly salient when had together with the poached eggs and brioche.

    That’ll teach me to have high expectations. DAMN YOU BREAKFAST.

    Although, I hear the dinner is extremely good…

    This meal was independently paid for.
    Level G, The Darling at the Star
    80 Pyrmont Street
    Pyrmont, Sydney, NSW
    Phone: 02 9657 9161
  • A portion of Sokyo's okonomiyaki (a Japanese savoury pancake of cabbage, seafood and other things) with pickled jalapeño and gingers on the side.

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