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Good Food Month 2015: Art Meets French: Ananas, The Rocks

Salad of Baby Beetroot, Goat Cheese Crumble, Beetroot Vinaigrette: Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog Review

As a foodie who was once a stingy Uni student, Ananas has always been just out of my reach. It falls into the fine dining category for me, with their champagne brunches and classy locale, and I never found the right occasion to justify splurging, even though I’m no longer at Uni.

But when Good Food Month calls, you answer, and this was the perfect excuse: an invite to an Art Meets French set dinner, where large artworks get exhibited on huge easels, for you to enjoy right next to the artwork on the plate in front of you.

The Order:

Carpaccio of Freemantle Octopus, Chorizo

Salad of Baby Beetroot, Goat Cheese Crumble, Beetroot Vinaigrette

Pan-seared Salmon, Fresh Pea and Spec Ragout

Long Vale Duck Breast, Confit Rhubarb, Pastille

Pan Seared Loin of Lamb, with Herb Crust and Cauliflower Purée

Classic Apple Tart Tartin, Cinnamon Ice Cream

The Food:

I wasn’t joking when I said that its artwork on a plate – Ananas served up a beautiful array of dishes full of vibrancy and colour, carefully arranged to convey a certain aesthetic.

Carpaccio of Freemantle Octopus, Chorizo: Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewCarpaccio of Freemantle Octopus, Chorizo

The Carpaccio of Freemantle Octopus with Chorizo started off the evening: octopus tentacles of varying thickness gets rolled into a log and sliced thinly to create a bubble-like motif, and dressed lightly with a lightly tangy salsa to show you just how far off the mark your average supermarket tub of marinated octopus is. The circle falls apart into tender pieces, and really whets your appetite for more.

Salad of Baby Beetroot, Goat Cheese Crumble, Beetroot Vinaigrette: Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewSalad of Baby Beetroot, Goat Cheese Crumble, Beetroot Vinaigrette

The Salad of Baby Beetroot, Goat Cheese Crumble, Beetroot Vinaigrette arrives next; the elements deliberately placed to resemble a sprouting garden (maybe intentionally, maybe not, but artwork is all about the appreciation, right?). The more subtle golden beets mingle with the heartier purple beets, and the goats cheese gives a light creaminess that act as a base for the salad.

Pan-seared Salmon, Fresh Pea and Spec Ragout: Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewPan-seared Salmon, Fresh Pea and Spec Ragout

We then move on to the Pan-seared Salmon, Fresh Pea and Spec Ragout. My favourite of the lot – with silky salmon paired with a very light broth, keeping in with the airy and light theme so far. Not quite sure about any pan-searing, though.

Not that I can see or taste anyway.

Long Vale Duck Breast, Confit Rhubarb, Pastille, Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewLong Vale Duck Breast, Confit Rhubarb, Pastille

The next course gets heavier with the Long Vale Duck Breast, Confit Rhubarb, Pastille. I must admit, I had to do a bit of a google on what a Pastille actually is – thank goodness for modern technology. Apparently it refers to that cigar of herbs and pastry that accompanied the sliver of medium rare duck breast. The tender rhubarb added a touch of fruitiness to cut through the richness, and while it wasn’t as lovely to me as the salmon (if food types were children, salmon would be the golden child), the plate was executed very sophisticatedly, maintaining a delicate balance of decadence and restraint.

Pan Seared Loin of Lamb, with Herb Crust and Cauliflower Purée: Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewPan Seared Loin of Lamb, with Herb Crust and Cauliflower Purée

For me, this is where it started going downhill. The Pan Seared Loin of Lamb, with Herb Crust and Cauliflower Purée sat in a bit of a meh category to me – the lamb ,personally, was under seasoned and on the lean side of things (clearly I’ve been spoilt by years of chomping down on unctuous lamb ribs and shoulders), and while I thoroughly enjoyed the cauliflower purée, there wasn’t enough of it to tip the scales when the lamb wasn’t performing as I wanted it to.

Classic Apple Tart Tartin, Cinnamon Ice Cream : Ananas, The Rocks. Sydney Food Blog ReviewClassic Apple Tart Tartin, Cinnamon Ice Cream

And so we come to dessert: a Classic Apple Tart Tartin, Cinnamon Ice Cream. The pastry, while flaky, didn’t have the luscious soaked-in-caramel indulgence that I’ve come to love, and the cinnamon ice cream tasted more like plain vanilla when paired with the tart. It was very exquisitely presented, though, but for me this tart just wasn’t as hedonistically enjoyable as one that I had from La Grande Bouffe.

The Service:

As with all fine dining establishments that I’ve been to (save for one, but you always need an exception), the service was absolutely impeccable. Invisible waiters made sure that our drinks were topped up all night, and miraculously appeared right when I lifted my gaze for a little assistance.

They’re magicians, I swear.

There was also a hiccup with the booking, but they handled it all very graciously, and even though they didn’t actually have a table set for me, a space appeared and was set with a pristine white tablecloth and all the cutlery I would be needing that evening. They treated me with respect every step of the way, and I felt extremely accommodated.

Value for money:

Sure, the some of the food may not have been to my taste, but all of it was clearly laboured over. Couple that with the service and location, I think that it’s worth the above-average price tag for a special occasion.

Go ahead, treat yo self.

The Vibe:

I think the most appropriate word to describe Ananas (besides pineapple, teehee!) is ‘grace’. They are lovely, polite people, and the only times I felt a bit out of place and (dare I say) looked down upon was from the other guests. And they can’t help that.

The decor is elegant without being stiff, and the little dining alcoves that they’ve carved out make the whole experience very intimate. Great for a first date, or a second, or the 459th! Dining at Ananas feels like a treat in more ways than one, and it’s definitely much more than your spontaneous weeknight too-lazy-to-cook eatery. No, dining at Ananas requires planning, dreaming, and possibly some saving.

And finally,

The thing about fine dining is that you’re paying for a cohesive dining experience. Each element alone can only take you so far of the rest are not quite in the same league. In this case, the amazing service outshone the food, but – and I can’t believe I’m actually saying this – the food was good enough to pull through. Every part of your experience is planned and deliberate, and for that, I think it’s worth the price tag. Go there to celebrate, go there to impress, whatever it is, find a reason to experience it just once. It’s definitely more affordable than the super high end dining in Sydney, and way more relaxed and enjoyable, in my opinion.

Oh and while you’re there, please do get the deliciously fresh pineapple juice. You are in Ananas, after all.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Sydney Morning Herald’s Good Food Month.
Ananas Bar and Brasserie
18 Argyle St
The Rocks NSW 2000
Phone: +61 2 9259 5668

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Kansas City Shuffle, The Rocks

Beef Brisket with Waffles, Smoked Chilli Butter, Kansas City Shuffle: The Rocks

What is breakfast food? Personally, I’m of the camp that any food can be breakfast food if you’re happy eating it first thing in the morning (fried chicken fans, rejoice!), but Sam has very specific categories that he likes to put his food into. For example, to him, rice is not a breakfast food, even though me and most of the Asian population of the world would disagree.

So what about, say, beef brisket?

Beef Brisket with Waffles, Smoked Chilli Butter, Kansas City Shuffle: The Rockseef Brisket with Waffles, Smoked Chilli Butter

Well, at Kansas City Shuffle, breakfast does indeed include beef brisket with (gasp! Horror!) smoked chilli butter, on a crispy waffle. The secret to making it breakfast? Slapping an egg on it.

Beef Brisket with Waffles, Smoked Chilli Butter, Kansas City Shuffle: The RocksBeef Brisket with Waffles, Smoked Chilli Butter

True story.

My favourite dish that morning, the beef brisket was oh-so-unctuous, and the waffle just soaked up all that butter. Because clearly my waistline I need more butter in my life. The poached egg I could take it or leave it, but if that’s the one thing allowing me to have this dish first thing in the morning, then I’ll take it.

Fried Chicken Burger, Kansas City Shuffle: The RocksFried Chicken Burger

We also ordered the Fried Chicken Burger, which was meant to come inbetween donuts, but we had brioche today because they were having issues with their donut recipe.

Because brioche is such a downgrade, amirite?

The burger itself was nice enough, but strangely enough I didn't actually get anything from the fried chicken. It could’ve been any other patty in there for all the texture and flavour it was giving me. The slaw and the pickle was pulling all the weight, and perhaps it was the lack of donut, but it just made this dish fall short of my expectations a little.

So really, I’ve just been stood up by a doughnut and starfished by fried chicken.


Pancake with Lemon Curd, Kansas City Shuffle: The RocksPancake with Lemon Curd

And because we’re greedy, pancakes with lemon curd, fresh berries and smoked almond to finish off. As far as the pancake itself, it was a bit doughy for me – you know when it keeps rolling around in your mouth too long? Yeah, like that – but I really liked the sharp tang of the lemon curd. Made me feel like I could’ve eaten more, and that’s always welcome.

Kansas City Shuffle has a great Surry-Hills-vibe to it, with none of the manic frenzy. The chefs seem genuinely happy to be there, and there’s a warmth in all the interactions – I should know, I was right next to the door watching everyone come in. The coffee was excellent, which makes sense since the owner has completed in multiple national coffee competitions, and placed in the top 5!

Sure, the food could have used a little finessing (not the beef though, that was hectic), But they did mention that they were still working out some kinks in the recipes.

So maybe I’d wait a couple weeks for them to find their feet before trying more of the menu. But in the meantime, I think we can agree that anything can be breakfast, as long as there’s an egg on it.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Kansas City Shuffle.
Kansas City Shuffle
195 Gloucester St
The Rocks NSW 2000
Phone:+61 415 362 038

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Singapore week! Cafe Mix, Shangri La

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

I have a confession: I have been so busy eating, that I’ve actually not had enough time to blog. I know, #FoodBloggerProblems, right?

But finally, FINALLY, I’m sitting down to write the recap of Shangri-La’s Singapore Week at Cafe Mix. Because there’s nothing like putting the words “Singapore” and “all-you-can-eat” together to get me all hot under the collar.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Satay Sticks

Oh look, proper satay sticks, and not the massive chicken breast monstrosities that we usually get in Sydney!

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

Each table also got a single Singapore Chilli Crab to share, which, while authentic in its sauce, was a bit of a waste of time on the size. See, with crab, there’s always a effort-to-enjoyment ratio. The meat that you get from all the work picking the crab clean should be worth the time taken to do it. And with this, it was just a bit, well, imbalanced.

And my golden ratio was violated.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Pandan Roulette

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Passionfruit Panna Cotta

The rest of the offerings – chicken rice? YAAASSS – was actually quite authentic and well-done, considering that it can be hard to get the specific ingredients and skill in Sydney. The chicken was silky and tender, and the condiment game was strong with this one.

The dessert spread was the most impressive of the lot, mixing traditional dessert items, like Pulut Hitam, a black glutinous rice and coconut porridge, with more modern takes like the pandan roulette. Oh and the pandan gelato? Smooth as silk and rich like a colonial master. Best pandan gelato I’ve had, well, ever.

It was a great way to ease some of the homesickness I’ve had for Singapore food, without the hassle of you know, actually leaving the country. And the best part of the Shangri-la wasn’t even that they flew the chefs in, oh no, it was the service. The waiters were omnipresent and invisible all at once, and missing cutlery and drinks mysteriously appear before we even think to ask for them.

Well done, Shangri-la, well done. *slow claps*

This meal was independently paid for.
Shayan Quarter @ Cafe Mix
176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 9250 6206

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My 24 hour Food Crawl

Poutine from Stuffed Beaver in Bondi

I’ve struggled with weight all my life. It’s been on so many ups and downs that I’ve lost track, and ironically, food has become the only constant. And it’s been especially hard lately – part of the joy of a food blog is well, that you get to eat, and eat well, and that can sometimes not be very good for the “diet”. For health reasons I decided to lose a bit of weight. eat better and exercise more, and through just being a little more aware of what I eat, I’ve lost 12kg, and thought it was time for a no-holds-barred cheat day, in the form of a 24 hour food crawl.

Yes, 24 whole hours of unrestricted eating. Anything I want, when I want it, and as much of it as I want.

So here’s what I chose to do with my 24 hours. 10 eateries and countless mouthfuls later, I’m finally full and barely recovered from the resulting food coma.

Cheat day. captain’s log:



The alarm on my phone goes off. It’s dark and cool outside, and I can’t explain just how tempting it is to snuggle right back into the blankets. BUT THERE’S NO TIME FOR SLEEP, IT’S TIME TO EAT!


I’m straightening my hair at 4 in the frickin’ morning. How do other women do this all day every day?



I’m starting to think that only reason why I should be up this early on a Saturday is if I was going to bake the damned bread for breakfast myself.


5:30 am – Cheese Platter for Breakfast!


A photo posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on

Breakfast is finally on the table, and I can’t even hold my hands still enough to take a proper photo because I’M SO EXCITED TO BE EATING CHEESE!!! There is Tallegio, a light delicate washed rind, Fromager D’affinois, a double cream french cheese, and a creamy blue. Fruit, because I need a palate cleanser, and Brasserie Bread’s Caramelised Garlic Bread.

I haven’t had soft cheese in so long that I forgot that this is the true definition of heaven on earth.

And that bread. OH THAT BREAD. Brasserie Bread has really outdone themselves on this caramelised garlic bread. “Garlic…caramelised in a sugar syrup…balsamic…Italian style loaf”.

I stop reading because this is all I need to know.



We are on the train on the way to Newtown for a bacon-filled breakfast at Cuckoo Callay. The Boy asks me yet again why he’s up this early on his day off. I tell him it’s because we must eat, and he gives me a glassy blank stare. It’s going to be a fun day.



Okay. So maybe I should’ve called ahead. They open at 8, not 7. Dammit.



We have ordered. Selfie while waiting for our food!


A photo posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on


8:30am – Cuckoo Callay

Ya Bacon Me Crazy, Bacon and Waffles, from Cuckoo Callay in NewtownYa Bacon Me Crazy, $20

We order the Ya Bacon Me Crazy, $20. It’s basically bacon and waffles, topped with maple syrup, bacon ice cream, and chocolate dipped bacon. And because I love milkshakes and Bloody Marys, we get the Bloody Bacon Mary and Peanut Butter and Jelly Milkshake, too. It’s a fantastically sweet way to start the day, and believe it or not, I could have done with MORE BACON. The Bacon Bloody Mary was nicely balanced, but the cold drink with the hot bacon means that there was just at teeny tiny layer of bacon fat on top of my drink. Not entirely a bad thing, but bacon is best when it’s hot I think.

Cuckoo Callay
324b Newtown Train Station
Newtown, NSW 2042
Phone: 02 9557 7006

Cuckoo Callay on Urbanspoon



We have been baconed. A good showing from Cuckoo Callay, and the Bloody Bacon Mary was my favourite.

Now, on to doughnuts! And that food coma.


9:55am – Glazed Doughnuts

Red Velvet Doughnuts from Glazed Doughnuts in BondiRed Velvet Doughnut, from Glazed Doughnuts

DOUGHNUTS. GLORIOUS DONUTS. Picked up some amazingly delicious ones from Glazed Doughnuts at the Bondi Markets. I feel a bit like a piggy surrounded by all these fit people. But the call of amazing sweet treats is too loud to resist. My absolute favourite doughnut of the bunch was the Watermelon and Pistachio, followed closely by the Apple Pie. The glaze on the Watermelon and Pistachio doughnut is made with real watermelon juice, resulting in a sweet, floral fragrance, and a soft, pillowy doughnut that isn’t too cloyingly sweet. The Apple Pie is something that Glazed Doughnuts makes for the Bondi Markets only, and it’s filled with a chunky apple jam, and topped with a luxurious crumble.

I wish I didn’t have to share this with The Boy.

Glazed Doughnuts
Bondi Markets, Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Doughnuts for this post were provided by Glazed Doughnuts.

Glazed Doughnuts on Urbanspoon


10.20am – Pure Pops

The sun is coming on strong, like a drunk, desperate man (or woman!) at a singles’ bar. Oooh look, popsicle!

Watermelon and Strawberry Popsicles, from Purepops Icepops

Mmm. Icy pole. Watermelon and strawberry to be exact. Crazy sweet, but it’s fruit, so it’s good for you right? Yes. It’s good for you. The flavours are amazingly clean and straightforward, and we are soon licking sticky fingers.

I also think it’s pretty cool that Purepops seem to have taken popsicles to the next level, with options for alcoholic mini ice pops being catered for your next party. Pretty cool right?

Pure Pops
Bondi Markets, Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach, NSW 2026
Phone: 0419 699 198

Pure Pops on Urbanspoon



I’ve come to the strange realisation that I’m no longer hungry, but not actually full.

What is this? I’ve been going from food stop to food stop since 5 this morning and I’m not full? What is this sorcery?


12:00nn – Mappen

Ontama Bukkake from Mappen in Bondi

Since we were in Bondi, I took the opportunity to drop by Mappen for a comforting bowl of Ontama Bukkake Udon. *Giggles*

Thick udon noodles sit in a salty tsukedashi sauce, and the soft, jelly-like ontama egg mixes into a thick sauce that coats every strand. The crispy tempura flakes add a lovely crunch, and a light squeeze of garlic chilli gives me the kick to keep going.

At this point, The Boy looks at me like I’m crazy. He doesn’t understand how I’m still eating.

183 Oxford St
Bondi Junction, NSW 2022
Phone: 02 9388 0609

Mappen on Urbanspoon


1:30pm – Chatime

Time for a Chatime, because since I’ve started watching my food intake, bubble tea has been downgraded from a ‘sometimes food’ to a ‘rare treat’.

I get the my usual order: a Roasted Milk Tea with Grass Jelly, no ice. I go for no sugar this time, because I feel a bit sugared out. WRONG. Should’ve gotten it with some sugar instead of no sugar, because all that remains on my palate is a film of fat, I’m assuming from the milk. No time to dwell on it though, because it’s time to head back towards the beach, and towards hot wings.


1:50pm – The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour

Hot Buffalo Wings, from Stuffed Beaver in Bondi

From my previous visits, The Stuffed Beaver has served up the hottest I’ve had in Sydney, and so SO addictive. I’ve been craving this tangy, chilli hit since, and I just can’t contain my excitement at getting my fingers on these red hot wings again.

This time, they are quite a bit less spicy than I remembered, but some how more delicious! Incredibly tangy, and finger lickin’ good. No need for the accompanying ranch sauce, as amazing as it is. Next time, I’ll order it extra spicy.

Pro tip: order a side of poutine – a genius Canadian dish of chips and gravy and cheese curds – and mop up the remaining hot sauce with the chips from the bottom of the basket. Your tastebuds will thank you.

Poutine, from Stuffed Beaver in Bondi

The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour
271 Bondi Rd
Bondi, NSW 2026
Phone: 02 9130 3002
Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour.

The Stuffed Beaver Dining Parlour on Urbanspoon


2:30pm – 11 hr check-in

A video posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on

We’ve been at it for 11 hours, and it’s been so good!! The day has been surprisingly easy and relaxed, as eating should be.

This day is shaping up to be the BEST DAY EVER!!!


3:30pm – Sushi Rio

A photo posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on

Cheat day or not, I will take up ANY reason to eat sushi in all its forms. Sushi Rio in Bondi was the most convenient – Umi Zushi was just out of my reach! – and they do a pretty good Salmon and Salmon Roe Donburi. Good topping to rice ratio, though I would minus points because the rice was warm. The Salmon and Flying Fish Roe Nigiri off the train was a surprise favourite, though, with a secret layer of mayonnaise underneath the flying fish roe!!

The only way to elevate the experience of Japanese mayo is to make it a surprise.

Salmon and Flying Fish Roe Sushi, from Sushi Rio in Bondi Junction

You can’t go wrong with mayo and salmon and fish roe. Just sayin’.

Sushi Rio
Shop 7, 339 Sussex St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9261 2388

Sushi Rio on Urbanspoon


4:20pm – Coffee Break

And then on to iced coffee, because after about 12 hours of eating, The Boy is resisting my efforts to stuff in more eating stops. The coffee is a good way to stay awake, I guess, and at least he submits to my request for a 12th hour selfie.

A photo posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on

Happy smiles!!! Dead eyes though. Dead, food coma eyes.


5:30pm – Pei Modern

Wood Fired Mussels, from Pei Modern in the RocksWood Fired Mussels, $25

Next stop, Pei Modern. I went there specifically to get the Holmbrae Chicken, but oh lord the Wood Fired Mussels took out the favourite of the day. Recommended by our waiter, Oscar, these mussels are not available all the time, and are on the specials menu only. Sad, because between a slight aroma of smoke and the briny sea, the bacon bits, corn, and buttery butter sauce, this is perfection in a dish. I’m absolutely loving it!!

The Burrata with Figs and Kohlrabi was also pretty good, with its soft curd interior spilling onto sweet figs and the delicate radish-like kohlrabi. I couldn’t get a full handle on the jersey milk flavour of the burrata though, it was served at the same time as the mussels, which overpowers everything else once it gets set down on the table, like a hot woman in a killer dress entering the room.

Pei Modern
In Four Seasons Hotel
199 George St Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9250 3160

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Pei Modern.

Pei Modern on Urbanspoon


7:30pm – 15 Hour check-in

To the water for some fresh air, because we have slight eating fatigue.

A video posted by Tammi Kwok (@insatiablemunch) on

The Boy is fading fast, and so am I. We aren’t just battling the urge to nap because all the blood from our extremities have rushed towards our bellies, no, we are actually combatting physical tiredness. As exciting as it is to spend 24 hours doing something so hedonistic and decadent, it’s actually hard to keep going, especially without sleep, nap, or a shower. Next time, I’m packing a bag and taking a shower at the Prince Alfred Park Pool.


8:30pm – Central

Off towards Central, to Khao San, a Thai restaurant on Pitt Street that has a little street cart for takeaway snacks and sweets. I absolutely love their rice flour and salted radish dumplings. These little pops of savoury goodness are served with lettuce and fresh bird’s eye chilli on the side, and is all sorts of hot and salty and fresh all at once.

That chilli hit is just what I need to kick the fatigue and food coma!


9:00pm – Khao San, Haymarket

They’re sold out. FML.


9:30pm – House of Crabs

Lobster Fries, from House of Crabs in Surry HillsLobster Fries, House of Crabs

So on to House of Crabs, for Lobster Fries! Shoestring fries, lobster gravy, cheese, bacon and corn. This takes a cheat day staple to a whole ‘nuther level. It could have done with a bit more gravy, but that thick shellfish flavours are making my tastebuds sing. YES.

House of Crabs
Upstairs at The Norfolk Hotel
Level 1, 305 Cleveland Street
Redfern, NSW 02016
Phone: 02 9699 3177
Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of the House of Crabs.

House of Crabs on Urbanspoon


11:00pm – We need a walk

We are about to topple over, and we so need a walk. Conveniently so, because there public transport seems to be a convoluted mess back to Haymarket. I’m sure a walk would do us good – fresh air, blood pumping through our veins…sweat matting my hair. Summer is probably a bad day to eat till you get the sweats, but at this point, I don’t know what is real and what is delirious hallucination anymore. Either way, I’m looking forward to suckling pig at the end of the walk!!


12:00 midnight – Golden Century

HOW IS GOLDEN CENTURY SO PACKED?! We go up to the counter and ask for a table for two…It’s going to be at least 45 minutes. WHYYYY.

For the sake of suckling pig, we put our name down and give it a go. It does seem like a suicide mission, though, groups of 20 are piling into the restaurant, and they all look really hungry.


1:00am – Kanzi Fashion Cafe

We give up. Suckling Pig seems to be a distant dream now as I crave something cold and sweet to keep me awake. So we choose to go downstairs instead, abandoning our mission for crispy pork, and order a Melon Bingsoo.

Melon Bingsu from Kanzi Fashion Cafe

Honeydew balls, vanilla ice cream, and a honeydew popsicle makes up this green mountain of sugar and ice, and it’s here that I call it a day. The freshness of the melon perks me up slightly, and the sugar from the popsicle, ice cream and evaporated milk gives me just enough energy to go home. We finish most of it, but really couldn’t be bothered digging into the honeydew half to finish it completely.

Kanzi Fashion Cafe
393-399 Sussex St
Haymarket, NSW 2000

Kanzi Fashion Cafe on Urbanspoon


Special Mentions


Mister Gee’s Burger Truck

Truffe Burger, Mister GeeThe Truffe

It can’t be a cheat day without Mister Gee’s. Ever since I found my way to the once quiet car wash that this food truck was parked on, I’ve proudly declared that these are my favourite burgers in Sydney. Due to the queues, it’s a bit hard to fit this into our hectic eating schedule, but I went early, because I just couldn’t give up any reason to have these burgers. The Cheese Boogie is still my favourite burger from Mister Gee’s, but the Truffe, with all its aroma of truffles and silky mayo, comes in a close second. Very nice.

Dirty Fries, Mister GeeDirty Fries

And of course, dirty fries, because I can’t get enough of these shoestring fries covered in salsa and american cheese. The Boy and I fought over every last fry, down to the bottom of the cardboard box. Delicious.

Mister Gee Burger Truck
55a Shaftesbury Rd
Burwood, NSW 2134
Phone: 0411 092 663
Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Mister Gee’s Burger Truck

Mister Gee Burger Truck on Urbanspoon



Wagyu Tacos, $16Wagyu Beef Tacos

If Pu’er wasn’t off my eating route, I would’ve dropped by for these Wagyu Beef Tacos. Full of intense beefy flavour and tender from the crazy marbling streaking through the meat, these savoury buns are heaven with every bite. I’m still thinking about them since the last time I went there – I think it’s time to arrange a special trip!

20a Danks St
Waterloo, NSW 2017
Phone: 02 8399 1331
Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Pu’er.

Pu'er on Urbanspoon