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    Test Kitchen: Squid Ink Bread and Shrimp Po’ Boy

    Shrimp sandwich made with battered shrimp, kewpie mayo, tomato, lettuce, on black squid ink bread.

    Once in a while, I buy interesting ingredients that catch my eye without having any idea what I’m going to do with them. And this jar of squid ink that I’ve got in my cupboard is just one of them. So rather than doing the usual – squid ink pasta, although making seafood lasagna with black pasta sheets did cross my mind – I thought it might be cool to use the squid ink to make a strikingly black loaf of bread.

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  • A cuban sandwich - mustard, swiss cheese, pickles ham, braised pork shoulder - is halved and sits on a wooden board.

    Test Kitchen: Cuban Sandwich

    Movies have a way of stretching your imagination. It takes advantage of drama and imagination, and often bends the rules to create an idealised world that isn’t quite accurate. But when a movie –…