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    Deep Fried Chicken Skin is the new Crack

    Deep Fried Chicken Skin is the new crack!

    Fried Chicken Skin, PappaRich: Sydney Food Blog Review

    Guys, we need to talk about chicken skin.

    Ever since moving to Australia, it seems that chicken skin has been relegated to the “unhealthy” territory, so much so that to get chicken meat with the skin on requires you to buy the whole chicken or make special requests!

    Well there’s one place(s) in Sydney that’s rebelling in the most delicious way: serving up a whole plate of crispy, piping hot, deep fried chicken skin for your eating pleasure. PappaRich.

    A photo posted by Tammi Kwok (@teafortammi) on

    This is something that brings back memories of my humid, SouthEast Asian childhood, where comfort eating gets elevated to an art form. An art form that has most doctors in a tizzy, sure, but a scrumptious, luxurious beautiful thing nonetheless.

    Crispy Chicken Skin: PappaRich Bankstown. Sydney Food Blog Review

    Of course, that’s not the only thing that you can order (the Assam Laksa, Roti and Satay is pretty legit)

    PappaRich Assam Laksa

    Roti Telur Bawang with Curry Chicken: PappaRich Bankstown. Sydney Food Blog Review

    Satay Chicken and Beef: PappaRich Bankstown. Sydney Food Blog Review

    And of course, the Hainan chicken with rice noodles is also worth getting.

    Dry Kway Teow with Steamed Chicken

    But really, with chicken skin on the menu, why would you look at anything else?

    Fried Chicken Skins

    BRB, got chicken skin to eat!

    Wondering where else you can get your chicken skin fix? Well, you can read more about our other PappaRich adventures at Parramatta, Macquarie and in Melbourne!

    Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of PappaRich Bankstown.
    PappaRich Bankstown
    Little Saigon Plaza, G13-G14/462 Chapel Rd
    Bankstown NSW 2200, Australia
    Phone: +61 2 9709 4147

    PappaRich Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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