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A little street in…Little Hutong, Little Bay

Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Roti Cina with Slow Roast Crispy Pork Belly, $15.50

You know the story of Gulliver’s Travels? Where he stumbles upon (literally) a little town full of little people – not a euphemism. They were about the size of his little finger – that saw him as a dangerous giant to be restrained? Well that’s how I felt most of the time as I was growing up, which then led me to be very afraid of the word “Little”.

So Little Hutong in Little Bay? Well, the irrational part of me half expected to arrive and find myself in a Gulliver-type situation. We were going to be very close to the water, after all.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Penang Cheh Hoo, $14Penang Cheh Hoo, $14

Thankfully no such thing happened. In fact, Little Hutong was a fairly roomy restaurant, situated in a large, sprawling suburb. An airy dining room looked straight into an open kitchen, and a long bench ran along the length, dotted with tables along the way.

Quite pretty, and charming.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Beef Rendang Roti, $14Beef Rendang Roti, $14

The food had an equally pretty and charming quality about it. Hawker-style dishes were plated in a restaurant-style fashion, which worked for some items more than others.

The Penang Cheh Hoo, $14, for example – a turnip/fritter/tofu/peanut salad topped with a sweet potato gravy/sauce – and was plated in a wide rimmed slate black plate. Quite a step up from the slap-it-on-a-plate style that most hawkers employ.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Roti Cina with Slow Roast Crispy Pork Belly, $15.50Roti Cina with Slow Roast Crispy Pork Belly, $15.50

The Roti Cina with Slow Roast Crispy Pork Belly, $15.50, was a bao by any other name, Pretty good mix of flavours, but after I’ve had the wonderfully fluffy, light-as-air bao of Belly Bao, nothing else can compare.


Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Hainanese Chicken Rice, $14Hainanese Chicken Rice, $14

Of course, when there’s Hainanese Chicken Rice on the menu, I’ve just gotta order it. I know that it’s never going to be as good as the $5-a-meal chicken rice I can get from Singapore, but really, it’s like a challenge that I must accept. I just HAVE TO. #FirstWorldProblems

The verdict? I’m actually quite impressed by the peripheral condiments that are often overlooked. Sure, the chicken wasn’t quite as silky and the rice wasn’t as punchy, but the chilli and ginger sauce was fresh, and the CHICKEN HAD DRESSING!! Woo!!

You don’t know how important that seemingly invisible soy/stock/chicken fat dressing is. It adds an extra layer of unctuousness to a juicy chicken, and soaks through the rice for maximum enjoyment. And Little Hutong is the first place in Sydney that I’ve seen that didn’t leave the chicken naked, and me wanting. Teehee.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Little Hutong, Little Bay: Sakura in the air, $21Sakura in the air, $21

But the piece de resistance of the whole lunch? This. Sakura in the air, $21, is a very posh plate of silky salmon, poached egg yolk, eel arancini, pickle salad, and Japanese mayo. Very sophisticated, but somewhat out of place on the humble menu.

Very expertly executed and balanced though, and should be the first thing that you order at Little Hutong. Kinda like a better version of a certain Breakfast at the Sakuma’s. But shhhh, don’t tell anyone that I said such a sacrilegious thing.

Little Hutong is a lovely local in a lovely neighbourhood, with really decent options on the menu. Sure, it’s not quite the truly gritty feel that I would want to accompany my true hawker experience, but not everyone wants to be sweating and crying into their food all at once. I’m just sad like that.

Shame that it’s all the way out in Little Bay, though. I would very much like to make another trip for the dinner menu.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Little Hutong.
Little Hutong
Shop 4, 2-8 Pine Avenue
Little Bay, Sydney NSW
Phone: 02 8020 0779

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Singapore week! Cafe Mix, Shangri La

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

I have a confession: I have been so busy eating, that I’ve actually not had enough time to blog. I know, #FoodBloggerProblems, right?

But finally, FINALLY, I’m sitting down to write the recap of Shangri-La’s Singapore Week at Cafe Mix. Because there’s nothing like putting the words “Singapore” and “all-you-can-eat” together to get me all hot under the collar.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Satay Sticks

Oh look, proper satay sticks, and not the massive chicken breast monstrosities that we usually get in Sydney!

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

Each table also got a single Singapore Chilli Crab to share, which, while authentic in its sauce, was a bit of a waste of time on the size. See, with crab, there’s always a effort-to-enjoyment ratio. The meat that you get from all the work picking the crab clean should be worth the time taken to do it. And with this, it was just a bit, well, imbalanced.

And my golden ratio was violated.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Pandan Roulette

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Passionfruit Panna Cotta

The rest of the offerings – chicken rice? YAAASSS – was actually quite authentic and well-done, considering that it can be hard to get the specific ingredients and skill in Sydney. The chicken was silky and tender, and the condiment game was strong with this one.

The dessert spread was the most impressive of the lot, mixing traditional dessert items, like Pulut Hitam, a black glutinous rice and coconut porridge, with more modern takes like the pandan roulette. Oh and the pandan gelato? Smooth as silk and rich like a colonial master. Best pandan gelato I’ve had, well, ever.

It was a great way to ease some of the homesickness I’ve had for Singapore food, without the hassle of you know, actually leaving the country. And the best part of the Shangri-la wasn’t even that they flew the chefs in, oh no, it was the service. The waiters were omnipresent and invisible all at once, and missing cutlery and drinks mysteriously appear before we even think to ask for them.

Well done, Shangri-la, well done. *slow claps*

This meal was independently paid for.
Shayan Quarter @ Cafe Mix
176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 9250 6206

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Thai Glass Noodle Salad

Thai Glass Noodle Salad on a white plate, with yellow chopsticks and a glass of Thai Iced Tea on the side

For quite a few years when I was a kid, one of my aunts – the cool one, in case you’re wondering – moved abroad and lived in England and Vietnam, and came back with all sorts of amazing dishes, like a kickass potato salad, shrimp fried chicken, as well as this glass noodle salad, full of amazing Thai flavours.

This salad became a fridge favourite when my aunt dropped off a batch – I would sneak a bowl between meals when my parents weren’t looking, and at one point I just ended up eating straight out of the tub during those midnight trips into the kitchen.

What? Sleep eating is a thing right?

Over the years, the recipe has evolved a touch. I’ve added loads of fresh veggies – because my mind lays on the guilt like an Asian mother – and taken out the chicken, just for preference. It’s not quite the same as what my aunt makes, but it’s become my own version of the fridge favourite of my childhood, ready on hand for lunch boxes…

…and of course, midnight trips to the fridge.

It just so happens that the theme for this month’s #LetsLunch is noodles, so I’m sharing my recipe for this Glass Noodle Salad, for the last weeks of summer!

Thai Glass Noodle Salad on a white plate, with yellow chopsticks and a glass of Thai Iced Tea on the side


[yumprint-recipe id=’2′]

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