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How are scrambled eggs like actors? Taste Baguette, Sydney

Chipolata and Caramelised Onion Baguette

Answer: They always arrive overdone.

Geddit? Okay, we might have to go through a few rounds of Sweeney Todd.

But truly. I have a love/hate relationship with scrambled eggs. When cooked correctly, they can be a veritable dream to eat, creamy, silly and luscious, lightly flavoured with the barest hint of salt and pepper.

Too often though, it arrives wayy over cooked, dry and tough, with the yolks and whites splitting into swirls in the solid slab of egg on a plate. And Taste Baguette, unfortunately, is no different.

Free range scrambled eggs, $15Free range scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, creme fraiche, crusty baguette, $15

What really gets my goat, is that I specifically ordered the eggs to be underdone. So no reason to assume that the customer is somehow afraid of undercooked eggs, or that it would create an ease of eating-to-go, because, well I was eating in.


And for this to be one of the pricier items on the breakfast menu, I expect the cook to be able to undercook eggs when the restaurant has maybe 2 other patrons. Not cool, man, not cool.

Pork and fennel chipolatas, $7.50Pork and fennel chipolatas, caramelised onion, baguette, $7.50

The Pork and Fennel Chipolatas with Caramelised Onions were actually pretty decent, but by this time I’d been rendered so livid by the state of the eggs that I could hardly enjoy it.

Maybe it’s time to start curling up under the covers and return to my depressing Netflix binge. The eggs and I are just not meant to be.

Taste Baguette
1a/68 Market St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9233 7778

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