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  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst

    Rawr! Monsters Rolls, Darlinghurst

    Some girls like clothes shopping together. Some girls like doing each others’ hair. And the rest of us…well we eat together. And that’s pretty much what Christine and I decided to do on a…

  • Heirloom Tomato Salad, $15

    City Lunches: Baker Bros, Sydney CBD

    Heirloom Tomato Salad, $15 Having mostly studied/worked near Haymarket, I’ve always been spoilt for choice when it comes to lunch options in the city. But Sam, working on the CBD side of things, isn’t…

  • Thai Glass Noodle Salad on a white plate, with yellow chopsticks and a glass of Thai Iced Tea on the side

    Thai Glass Noodle Salad

    For quite a few years when I was a kid, one of my aunts – the cool one, in case you’re wondering – moved abroad and lived in England and Vietnam, and came back…

  • Htin baw thee tho (Spicy Papaya Salad)
    Melbourne Review Travel

    Free Burma Cafe, Springvale

    I must admit that even though I’m from the Southeast Asian part of the world, I don’t actually know very much about Myanmar, or Burma as it was called. My information was pretty limited…

  • Aerial shot of the Triple Chilli Chicken Salad

    Banana Blossom Asian Salads, Bondi

    It’s summer, and that means it’s the dreaded swimsuit season. Dreaded, for this foodie, because it heralds the end of what’s meant to be seasonal gorging and gluttony. And the beginning of a tenuous…

  • A mixed cabbage and herb salad is served on a wooden board, and topped with 3 portions spicy browned chicken marylands. On the side, a singly portion of salad and chicken maryland sits on a black plate with a textured rim, and green chilli decorate the shot. The food is arranged on a hessian fabric covering a dark wooden table.

    Yuzu Peri Peri Chicken

    I get inspired by the strangest things, sometimes. This time it comes in a bottled condiment, called Yuzeful, which I found at the condiments table (every restaurant should have a condiments table) at Chanoma…

  • A salad of black rice and pearl cous cous, served with a roasted garlic and tahini dressing, greek yoghurt, baby beetroot and smoked almonds. Here, it's served on a blue-rimmed tin plate and laid next to a fork and spoon, on a blue tea towel.

    Grain Salad

    I think salads can often be maligned as a boring, bitter, only-eat-if-you-got-no-other-option type of dish. And sometimes, salads are the forgotten cousin, thrown into a menu as a side so that some people can…