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Tenkomori, Sydney CBD

Sydney Food Blog Review of Tenkomori, Sydney CBD

You know how some brands have a luxury line and a everyday line, but basically sell the same thing? Like Lexus and Toyota, for example, are owned by the same parent company, and on a smaller scale…

Menya and Tenkomori.

In fact, Menya, Mappen, Oiden, Tenkomori, Chanoma and Dera Uma are owned by the same people, and they specialise in bringing you quick, tasty food in a no frills sorta way.

In other words, self service is pretty much the name of the game.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Tenkomori, Sydney CBD: Tonkotsu Beef Ramen

But before you start thinking you’ll have to slum it like a budget airline, the Menya group of restaurants have been pretty good at serving up tasty, value-for-money food. Especially in the CBD. I’ve long been a fan of Mappen and their $5 udon bowls, so it was good to have a look at what Tenkomori had to offer.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Tenkomori, Sydney CBD: Chilli Pork Tsukemen

I’d previously been quite unimpressed with Tenkomori – the ni-tamago didn’t hold the sexy ooze that it was meant to, and the sides were all rather uninspiring. Mind you, I went on opening day, which carried with it all the teething prolems, but is a runny yolk really too much to ask for?

I can’t comment on the yolk this time because I chose to get something else, but I’m happy to report that the new menu items – like the Cold Chilli Pork Noodle with Sesame sauce (pictured above) were moreish and delicious. Al dente noodles and tangy sauce, savoury pork mince with my favourite onsen egg? Yes please!

The ramen, not so much. Especially when Menya is just round the corner.

Oh and before I forget, Washoku Lovers Members get a free side dish! So if you’re a loyalty card holder like me, you’re in luck.

Now if only I can get a one stop shop for all my Udon, Donburi and Ramen needs..

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Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Tenkomori.
16/501 George St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9266 0660

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Of Mice and Menya *

Dragon Jya Jya Men from Menya Noodle Bar

*No mice were hurt in the making of this post.

So it hasn’t quite been the weather for ramen, but sometimes it’s nice to pretend, and sometimes the craving for noodles just take over!

Menya is part of one of the largest group of restaurants I know: the same people own Tenkomori, Chanoma, Mappen and Oiden.

Menya RamenMenya Shoyu Ramen

They offer up two basic broths as bases: tonkotsu (pork bone broth) and torigara (chicken bone broth).

In this broth goes springy yellow noodles, and a variety of toppings like chashu (sliced rolled pork), ni-tamago (soy marinated egg), bamboo shoots, and so forth.

Tontoro ramenTontoro Miso Ramen

Besides the hot steaming bowls of ramen – some of which come in a mini, regular or large size – they’ve also got the usual suspects, uh, I mean sides.


Or if you wanna try everything, the value sets offer a bit across the board – ramen, rice, and gyoza.

Mini value ramen setMini Ramen Value Set

The thing about Menya Noodle Bar that keeps me coming back is really the consistency. While nothing on the menu is particularly innovative or mind-blowing, you always know what to expect when you go in. And, with a comfy restaurant to sit in, it is a nice place to bring family, and a change from the underground food court ramen stalls. The only thing that’s a tiny bit of a let-down is the ni-tamago – the eggs are a bit over-boiled, leading to a distinct lack of a liquid oozing yolk.

If you’re not feeling so much like hot, soupy ramen, I would recommend the cold tsukemen option – cold noodles dipped in a rice miso broth – or the Dragon Jya Jya Men (pictured in the header) – drained ramen noodles tossed with blanched bean sprouts and spicy miso pork.

What is your usual order at a noodle bar?

Menya Noodle Bar
Shop Tg8 8 Quay St
Haymarket, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9212 1020

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