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Miss Peaches, Newtown 

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review

Head Chef turnover is really tricky business. They are in charge of making sure that the menu is executed properly, and equally importantly that the restaurant makes money. It IS a business after all. So when I was invited to sample Miss Peaches new menu under the direction of new head chef Adam Cremone, I knew it could really go either way.

After all, customers can taste when the chefs change, and the direction the Head Chef takes can make or break a restaurant, no matter how successful it already is.

The Order:

Snacks and Sides

Cheesy Fries, $7
Mac ‘N’ Cheese, $8
Baked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16
Southern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece

Burgers and Southern Sandwiches

Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po’ Boy, $16


Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19
Fried Green Tomatoes with Shrimp, and a Dill and Caper Remoulade, $19


Beignets, $4.50

The Food:

I don’t know what mixed reviews Miss Peaches had before – purely anecdotal and I’d always wondered if there was a rivalry between Hartsyard and them – but I can say that I thoroughly thoroughly enjoyed the food at Miss Peaches. There was much cheese lovin’ in the form of the Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Cheese Fries and Baked Brie, and who doesn’t love cheese covered everything*?

Mac & Cheese, $8 Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review

Cheesy Fries, $7, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewCheesy Fries, $7

Baked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16 Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewBaked Brie, Rocket and Peach Salad, Toasted Cornbread, $16

The Cheese Fries were especially satisfying, since I’ve been missing (I will only say this once and will never say it again) KFC cheese fries ever since I left Singapore. I don’t understand, Australia. You are a LAND OF CHEESE. How is it that cheese fries aren’t more common? Of course, Miss Peaches’ version is way more classy and the cheese is less orange, but you can’t deny that there is something so fundamentally primal when potato and cheese come together.

And let no man put asunder…

Southern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece , Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewSouthern Fried Chicken, $4.5 per piece

The Fried Chicken was also a baller order, especially when I didn’t even have to ask if the chicken was brined. No, the only question to ask was, “how long”. This succulent piece of poultry was the very bastion of why chicken should be brined, and with the gravy, it was just ridiculously awesome.

Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewRed Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage, $19

But the piece de resistance? The Red Beans and Rice with Smoked Andouille Sausage. If you think that it “sounds a little heavy”, well it is. It’s unapologetically starchy, heavy, meaty, smokey, satisfying and the portion is HUGE. This is probably the reason why salad eaters cop so much crap. There was something just so hedonistic about it all (I must be spending too much time in Bondi) that I squealed like a little girl inside when I dug into it. And when you consider that this is Chef Adam’s break time treat, you know you’re getting some good shiz right here.

Beignets, $4.50, Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog ReviewBeignets, $4.50

Of course, not everything is a home run, and well, the Beignets weren’t quite on the same level for me. Maybe I’m not as much of a beignet person as I’d like to be, but there was something doughy about the way it was so tender that didn’t make my tastebuds sing. Not to say that it wasn’t a good beignet, though, because until I make the pilgrimage to New Orleans, I’m not sure that I can ever be sure.

Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po' Boy, $16 , Miss Peaches, Newtown. Sydney Food Blog Review Fried Oyster and Smoked Duck Po’ Boy, $16

Also, as far as Po’ boys go, this particular one wasn’t my favourite either. The elements – battered oyster, smoked duck, sauce and salad – were delicious on their own, but together? It was just a bit overwhelmed by the bread for me. It was a fantastic roll, mind you, but just not as a combo, I don’t think.

*No offence to the lactose-intolerant.

The Service:

I found that even though the service was relaxed, the staff were extremely attentive. We chose to sit outside, and our plates were cleared quickly, table wiped, and we weren’t abandoned in balcony never never land. And it wasn’t just our table. Even though people came in drips and drabs, the other groups on the balcony shared the similar treatment. Everyone looked happy to be there, and as a result, service was pretty seamless.

Value for money:

A quick glance at the menu will tell you that it’s not exactly the cheapest place around, but they really do make up for it with the portions. Each side can be eaten as a main, and each main can feed more than one person. You catch my drift? Your value goes up the more people you go with, because it ensures you get the variety for your dollar, rather than being trapped with your one huge choice if you went by yourself.

Although, that also means leftovers. And there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that.

The Vibe:

Miss Peaches is just SO chill. But not in the antisocial sense of “Netflix and chill” (we’ve all been there) but in the “hang out with a group like they do on Friends” kinda chill. Everyone’s relaxes, and the Southern menu ensures that sooner or later, you WILL fall into a food coma and have to unbuckle your belt. I like that it’s a good mix of trendy and relaxed, and is definitely fitting in with the hip Newtown crowd.

Oh, and I know I just totally showed my age by using the word “hip”. But you know what I mean.

And finally,

I don’t know what Miss Peaches was like before, but I’m glad that this was my first experience. No baggage, only food. And well executed food at that. Working with a small team, Chef Adam is involved in every step of getting the food to you, meaning that you can trust that whatever they put in front of you is of a certain standard. I really enjoy the unabashed joy (read: cheese, because cheese is love) that goes into the food – they’re not pretending to be particularly classy or healthy or authentic. It’s just good food with a Southern theme. And yes, the food without cheese is delicious too.

It was also fantastic hanging out with Chef Adam. It really gave me insight to the man behind the menu, and when someone loves food as much as he does, you know he won’t steer you wrong. I’m definitely going back to try more of that menu…and for more cheese love.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Miss Peaches.
Miss Peaches
201 Missenden Road
Newtown, NSW
Phone: 02 95577280

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A chicken walks into a bar..Rocks Brewing Co., Alexandria

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Beer Can Chicken


It was a grey, GREY day. Even the rain didn’t know whether it was coming or going, falling in drips and drabs as I made my way to Rocks Brewing Co. in Alexandria, where I was invited to have lunch. And if there was anything that could make a dreary day worthwhile, it was the promise of hot food.

After 15 minutes of navigation over puddles like I was a tightrope walker with no safety net, I finally located the brewery inside an industrial looking collection of office buildings. My heart started to fall into the pit of my empty stomach as I wondered if this was going to be just another grey office lunch to match the weather.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Wild Mushroom, Quinoa & Rocket Salad, $21Wild Mushroom, Quinoa & Rocket Salad, $21

We left it up to the kitchen to feed us, and what came out was surprisingly vibrant. Traditionally, food made to match beers are heavy and stodgy – probably to match Mother England’s weather – but the Wild Mushroom, Quinoa and Rocket Salad was surprisingly light and tasted like it was nutritionally well-rounded. Not a very sexy description, I know, but between the scattered grains of quinoa, meaty mushrooms, fresh rocket and tart dressing, I really felt like I was eating my quota of vegetables in a very delightful way.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Mac and Cheese, $13Mac and Cheese, $13

Both the Mac and Cheese and Louisiana Hot Wings also packed a punch – the mac and cheese with a satisfyingly creamy sauce laced with the sharp kick of blue cheese, and the hot wings covered in a finger licking hot and sour sauce. This is one of the first hot wings that didn’t actually need the dipping sauce – I’d actually recommend eating them without it since the combination seems to cancel out any flavour that the components have by themselves.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Louisiana Hot Wings, $13.50/$22Louisiana Hot Wings, $13.50/$22

At this point, we knew that more was to come, but we kept picking at the food like fidgeting children. I mean, the last two mouthfuls of mac and cheese were just staring forlornly at me, looking like it had been abandoned. And just as I was about to put it out of its misery, along came the piece de resistance.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Beer Can ChickenDrunken Chicken, $49

The Drunken Chicken involved a whole chicken, roasted upright, with a bed of vegetables and bread to soak up all the errant juices. Nothing was to go to waste here. The chicken, covered in skin that was such a gleaming golden brown that it looked like it just came back from a relaxing holiday in the tropics, was so piping hot that steam escaped from every cut I made. By itself, the meat was a touch dry, but that’s where the pan juices came in.

The use of beer gave it body like a Victoria’s Secret Model – sexy without being too in-your-face – and if I could I would just drink it all up in a glass. But their method was good too, with pieces of crusty bread soaking up the juices and turning into the most addictive type of savoury bread pudding, accented by creamy chunks of roasted pumpkin.

*insert Homer Simpson’s drool face here*

Of course, we can’t forget the beer at a brewery, and if you prefer to drink your beer rather than eat it, then they also have a selection of specialty beers for your drinking pleasure. The House Alerkolsch was an instant hit, with a sweet, clean finish that reminded me of a dry white wine. Very refreshing, and a perfect accompaniment to the roast chicken.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Beer Tasting PlatterBeer Tasting Platter

To finish, we had the Baked Oreo Cheesecake which, while executed nicely, didn’t make as big a splash as the lineup that came before it. The salted peanuts on the caramel sauce was my favourite bit of the whole thing, but the cheesecake itself was a touch common, considering all the creativity that I’ve come to expect in my short time here.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Rocks Brewing Co, Alexandria: Baked Oreo Cheesecake, $15Baked Oreo Cheesecake, $15

The rest of the menu is a great mix of creativity and old favourites – crunchy waffle fries sit right next to a pulled pork burger, and nothing looks to be terribly out of place. I’m looking forward to working my way through the menu on my subsequent visits – I think there’s a Cape Byron Tomahawk that’s calling my name.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Rocks Brewing Co.
Rocks Brewing Co.
160 Bourke Road
Alexandria, NSW
Phone: 02 9669 3600

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Dopey, Grumpy, Happy…Surly’s, Surry Hills

Sydney Food Blog Review of Surly's, Surry Hills: Fried Chicken

I’ve long watched reality TV shows about Americans and their obsession with barbecue. Where bigger is better, and people fueled by smoke and meats.

Come to think of it, its a pretty ideal existence!

So when an old Uni friend suggested Surly’s for dinner, I was SO THERE.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Surly's, Surry Hills: Beef RibsBarbecued Beef Ribs, $25 with two sides

I can’t go past beef ribs on a menu without ordering it, and this time, it’s accompanied by fried chicken, fries, mac and cheese, green beans, and slaw. Because you can’t have a barbecue without slaw.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Surly's, Surry Hills: Fried Chicken3 pc Fried Chicken, $14 with one side

Sydney Food Blog Review of Surly's, Surry Hills: Spicy FriesSurly’s Spicy Fries, $10

Their Spicy Fries were, unfortunately, like a date from Tinder – not as advertised. They distinctly lacked spiciness, and about half the basket was left sad and alone at the end of out meal.. just like Tinder too.

The Fried Chicken was juicy and crispy all at once – a good sign that the chicken has been brined – but the flavour was just a touch underwhelming. Maybe it’s my Korean Fried Chicken spoiled tastebuds, but I was expecting a much punchier taste.

The Beef Ribs was again, good but underwhelming. I didnt taste much smokiness from the meat, as juicy and texturally satisfying as it was. And it ain’t barbecue without the smoke.

So sadly, I don’t think I will be returning to Surly’s any time soon. Not that they did anything wrong, but more so that they didn’t do more right than the other barbecue joints around Sydney. And there are A LOT.

I think a visit to my butcher is in order…

This meal was independently paid for.
182 Campbell Street
Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: 02 9331 3705

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