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    The Malaysian Equation: Mamak, Haymarket

    Mamak, Haymarket, Sydney Food Blog Review by Tammi Kwok

    Mamak, Haymarket, Sydney Food Blog Review by Tammi Kwok

    Growing up, I was just 15 minutes from a famous late night eating district in Singapore – Jalan Kayu. It was basically a whole restaurant strip worth of roti pratas – flat breads that are chewy, crispy and flaky all at once, in the most delicious way. The Malaysians call it roti canai, and Mamak has a long standing repuation of making some of the fluffiest ones in Sydney!

    Review of Mamak, Haymarket: Sambal SotongSambal Sotong

    Part of the deliciousness to roti is the variety things to have it with. This time we ordered Sambal Sotong, because seafood and chilli are probably the two biggest loves in my life.

    Well, non-human loves.

    Review of Mamak, Haymarket: Roti ChanaiRoti Canai

    The Roti Canai was fluffy and crispy, and the Sambal Sotong satisfied my craving…even if the serving was quite a bit on the small side. In fact, the considering cost to food standard ratio, the lack of value for money is only made up for with the fact that there wasn’t a queue on the night we went.

    I normally wouldn’t drop by Mamak because there are other delicious options in Chinatown, but when you have a craving, well, what else can you do?

    This meal was independently paid for
    15 Goulburn Street
    Haymarket, Sydney NSW
    Phone: 02 9211 1668

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