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Grain Bar, Sydney

Grain Burger, $24: Grain Bar, Sydney, Sydney Food Blog Review

I may not be a drinker, but I’m ashamed to say that I’m a nightmare to any bartender. I see cocktails as food, and I’m very, uh, specific about what and how my drinks are balanced. My usual order is *takes a deep breath* aBloodyMarywithextraTabascoextrasaltlemonnotlimeshakennotstirredchilledbutwithnoice.

You see what I mean?

So it’s nice to finally meet a bartender who shares the same view: cocktails aren’t just there to get drunk on – it’s meant to be absolutely delicious.

Sam-the-boyfriend meets Sammy-the-bartender over whiskey and the beautiful bar at Grain Bar, at The Four Seasons. Let me just take a moment and say that I feel so posh and adult right now.

Look Ma, no hands!

Whisky Tasting: Grain Bar, Sydney, Sydney Food Blog Review

I know that they say that you should never drink on an empty stomach, but it was a lovely day, and we were in a good mood, so what the hey.

If you ever thought that whiskey was just about men with moustaches sitting at bars filled with cigar smoke and dark wood, well…okay there’s an element of that but it’s also so SO much more. Sammy-the-bartender guided us through the smokey peat and liquid gold.

Our favourite was the 18yo Yamazaki: smooth, nutty, and almost unctuous in the way it slides down the throat. But even more than the amazing booze on offer – any bar can stock that – is the sheer vastness of knowledge and passion that Sammy had for the history and cultures that are behind each bottle. He clearly loved what he was doing, and in return, we had an experience that we would be hard pressed to get anywhere else.

But now and we were nice and sloshed up, we were ready for a big feed, and we were quite sure it was going to be better than a 2am kebab run.

Well, we’d hoped. ?

And because we are so thorough, we ordered the Grain Burger, $24, Smokey Meats Platter, $38, Whiskey Cured Salmon, $14, and Maple Bourbon Stuffed Cronuts, $7. I know it’s a lot of food, but hey, how can you make a fair judgement otherwise?

Whisky Cured Salmon, $14:Grain Bar, Sydney, Sydney Food Blog ReviewWhisky Cured Salmon, $14

My absolute favourite at the table? The Whiskey Cured Salmon. Velvety slices of salmon cured with salt, sugar of course, whiskey, were served with salmon roe (Think of the children!), that left delicious pops of saltiness in every bite. There were little cracker things, too, but who needs ’em when you have it’s so damned beautiful on its own!

Grain Burger, $24: Grain Bar, Sydney, Sydney Food Blog ReviewGrain Burger, $24

The Grain Burger and Smokey Meats Platter were a bit on the ‘meh’ side of things. The burger patty was a bit overcooked for my taste, and it wasn’t quite large enough for the bun encasing it. The Smokey Meats were good enough o their own, but when Sydney has been churning out smokey meats the likes of The Oxford Tavern, Parson’s and Vic’s Meats? You just can’t go back from that.

Smokey Meat Platter, $38: Grain Bar, Sydney, Sydney Food Blog ReviewSmokey Meat Platter, $38

And the Cronuts? Well the cronuts were more like a crispy profiterole than cronut, but it was still had lovely pops of sweet custard piped into a thin shell. Not bad, but also not a cronut.

It is definitely clear to me that Grain Bar is all about the whiskey. Whether you’re a connoisseur or a beginner, it really has the variety and the know-how to introduce you into the craft. The food is designed to be a a supporting act, and well, it’s pretty obvious. The overall experience is great – friendly, professional service, and fabulous ambience – but it’s more bar than restaurant, and I’m okay with that.

Although, I would seriously make a trip for the whiskey salmon. It was that good.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Grain Bar.
Grain Bar
199 George St
Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Phone: +61 2 9250 3118

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Singapore week! Cafe Mix, Shangri La

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

I have a confession: I have been so busy eating, that I’ve actually not had enough time to blog. I know, #FoodBloggerProblems, right?

But finally, FINALLY, I’m sitting down to write the recap of Shangri-La’s Singapore Week at Cafe Mix. Because there’s nothing like putting the words “Singapore” and “all-you-can-eat” together to get me all hot under the collar.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Satay Sticks

Oh look, proper satay sticks, and not the massive chicken breast monstrosities that we usually get in Sydney!

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Singapore Chilli Crab

Each table also got a single Singapore Chilli Crab to share, which, while authentic in its sauce, was a bit of a waste of time on the size. See, with crab, there’s always a effort-to-enjoyment ratio. The meat that you get from all the work picking the crab clean should be worth the time taken to do it. And with this, it was just a bit, well, imbalanced.

And my golden ratio was violated.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Pandan Roulette

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La: Passionfruit Panna Cotta

The rest of the offerings – chicken rice? YAAASSS – was actually quite authentic and well-done, considering that it can be hard to get the specific ingredients and skill in Sydney. The chicken was silky and tender, and the condiment game was strong with this one.

The dessert spread was the most impressive of the lot, mixing traditional dessert items, like Pulut Hitam, a black glutinous rice and coconut porridge, with more modern takes like the pandan roulette. Oh and the pandan gelato? Smooth as silk and rich like a colonial master. Best pandan gelato I’ve had, well, ever.

It was a great way to ease some of the homesickness I’ve had for Singapore food, without the hassle of you know, actually leaving the country. And the best part of the Shangri-la wasn’t even that they flew the chefs in, oh no, it was the service. The waiters were omnipresent and invisible all at once, and missing cutlery and drinks mysteriously appear before we even think to ask for them.

Well done, Shangri-la, well done. *slow claps*

This meal was independently paid for.
Shayan Quarter @ Cafe Mix
176 Cumberland Street, The Rocks
Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 9250 6206

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