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Attack of the giant squid: Cheers Cut, Chatswood

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cheers Cut, Chatswood: Giant Fried Squid

So too much sugar is bad for you. We know this. I mean, we can definitely feel the sugar crash coming on when we haven’t had enough sugar, right? The high before the fall? And that’s when you need something to cut it, to make yourself feel better. Something like…

Fried chicken.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cheers Cut, Chatswood: Giant Fried Chicken

After Simon, Christine and myself all but staggered out of Passion Tree with a self-induced sugar coma, we wandered into the deserted District Dining area (you know, where Tim Ho Wan is?) and saw, lit like the gods themselves were pushing us to eat it, Cheers Cut chicken.

Hot Star-sized chicken is crumbed and fried, Taiwanese style, and you get to choose a sauce or a dusting of flavour. We did chilli, as it would have left the chicken more crispy than if it was drowned in sauce. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

And because we didn’t want the chicken to get lonely, we also got a Fried Giant Squid. Which wasn’t too large to the other squids, I guess, but a bit large to the chicken.

Sydney Food Blog Review of Cheers Cut, Chatswood: Giant Fried Squid

The chicken wasn’t quite as moreish as I was hoping it would be, but I did love the plum seasoning on the squid, whinch had the tender on the inside and crispy on the outside thing going for it.

And you know what, it DID end up cutting the sugar, which was all we wanted from it.

Mission accomplished.

This meal was independently paid for.
Cheers Cut
Shop P3, The District
Podium Level
Chatswood Interchange
436 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood, NSW

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Singapore Family favourite: Prawn Paste Chicken Recipe

It’s funny how smells and memories work. There are so many stinky things in the world that I associate with deliciousness – durian, fish sauce, sauerkraut, blue cheese…all these smells make my mouth water and my tummy rumble, even though there are some who would turn their nose up in disgust. I guess it comes from growing up in Singapore. Once you start associating stinky with delicious at a very young age, you start getting very excited to try the weird and wonderful. And hey, if nothing else, it’s a great ice breaker at a party.

Fermented shrimp paste is one such favourite that really baffles my friends. This stuff hits your nostrils the moment the seal on the jar is open, and has a somewhat sour/salty aroma that is quite similar to fish sauce. But add that to chicken and the deep fryer? And you’ve got prawn paste chicken (had jeong gai), a local favourite that graces almost every special occasion, family gathering, and children’s birthday party.

Trust me, this stuff is freaking delicious.
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