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  • Food For Thought

    The Christmas 2011 Recap

    I have committed food blogger FAIL. Usually, when there are occasions like Christmas that have lots and lots of delicious food, I am extremely snap-happy. This year though, I was *ahem* distracted by babies,…

  • Review

    Money for Jam

    Lookee what I got in the mail!!!!!!! I love food gifts. (Note: I bet you can already tell which one’s our favourite!) Anathoth has very kindly sent me some very yummy jam, and given…

  • Recipe

    The gift of food!

    My friend Mel once commented that I show people I love them by feeding them. And that’s absolutely true. I love giving food away, and I love putting in effort to tailor it to…

  • Recipe

    On the Sunny Side of the Street

    It’s less than a week to Christmas!! In honour of making something festive, I decided that a sunny Christmas-sy breakfast was in order. I present to you: Sunny Side Up Eggs with Candy Cane…

  • Review

    Nuffnang Christmas Party!!

    Went to the “Blue Hawaii” themed Nuffnang Christmas Party at the Bavarian Bier Cafe! Just as a note for anyone who is going to BBC in the city, there are two – I actually…

  • Food For Thought

    Milk and Cookies

    I have placed a ban on myself with regards to cooking. If not, I’ll never finish all the essays that I have to write. But, that still leaves all the time I spend taking…