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    Yakitori Recipe

    Yakitori Recipe from Tea For Tammi. Sydney Food Blog

    Yakitori is one of the simplest dishes in Japanese cuisine, and yet so commonly maligned. Literally translated into “grilled chicken” (yaki=grilled, tori=chicken), these chicken skewers are a favourite of the Japanese especially after a late night drinking, and are served up at various street stands shrouded in smoke emanating from hot coals. And making them at home can really be as simple as threading on some cubed chicken, and firing up that barbecue.

    The secret to this amazing dish?

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  • A mixed cabbage and herb salad is served on a wooden board, and topped with 3 portions spicy browned chicken marylands. On the side, a singly portion of salad and chicken maryland sits on a black plate with a textured rim, and green chilli decorate the shot. The food is arranged on a hessian fabric covering a dark wooden table.

    Yuzu Peri Peri Chicken

    I get inspired by the strangest things, sometimes. This time it comes in a bottled condiment, called Yuzeful, which I found at the condiments table (every restaurant should have a condiments table) at Chanoma…