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Raising the bar on milkshakes: Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern 

Sydney Food Blog Review of Milk Bar by Cafe Ish, Redfern

You know that scene in the sick, dystopian classic Clockwork Orange where the main characters enter this bar – decorated entirely in black statues – and dispenses milk from the statue’s uh, sensitive regions? Well that was what I always thought what a milk bar was. Like literally. A bar atmosphere, but serving milk.

Weird, right?

Well, thankfully the real thing isn’t quite as R18 as Clockwork Orange, and a bit more diner-style, with milkshakes and burgers. Yes, much more my speed.

Review of Milk Bar by Cafe is by Sydney Food Blog Insatiable Munchies: Herbed Beef Patty, $14.50Herbed Beef Patty, $14.50

Cafe Ish always had great food, and when they closed up the Surry Hills location and started a milk bar in Redfern, they ended up on my never-ending list of places to visit but never had the time to. Well, I did happen to be in Redfern a couple of weeks back, and, heeding the sirens call of Miso Caramel Milkshakes, I made my way in.

Of course, Milkshake needs company, or it’ll get lonely, so I also ordered a Herbed Beef Patty Burger ($14.50) with the self-proclaimed Freaking Awesome Wings ($4.95). Because if wings are that self confident, they should get a chance to show what they’ve got.

Review of Milk Bar by Cafe is by Sydney Food Blog Insatiable Munchies: Freaking Awesome Wings, $4.95Freaking Awesome Wings, $4.95

Okay, so good news, the Freaking Awesome Wings, were truly, freaking awesome. Lightly crisp on the outside – which I’m guessing is due to a corn flour or sweet potato flour coating to provide tempura-like lightness – and covered in a tangy sweet chilli dressing/sauce, these wings were like the Buffy of chicken wings: they kicked ass, took names, and brought a little excitement into your life.

The Miso Caramel Milkshake also lived up to its name – by shaking up my world. Geddit? It had just the right notes of umami and richness, and is just proof that you need miso caramel in all areas of your life. Because (repeat after me) miso caramel can only make you a better person.

A downside though to having two home runs in a single sitting? The burger wasn’t all that great. I’m more used to the juicy fall-apart patties that have come into vogue, that the burgers here were a little too…structurally sound for my taste. And when you put all the dishes down at the same table, it’s just not hitting quite the same notes.

But it’s okay. As long as the milkshakes and wings are on the menu, I know I’ll keep going back.

This meal was independently paid for.

Milk Bar by Cafe ish
105 Regent Street
Redfern, NSW
Phone: 02 9698 8598

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What’s the…Rush Hotdogs and Burgers, Surry Hills

Review of Rush Hotdogs and Burgers in Surry Hills

You know when a restaurant catches your eye while you’re walking, and you look at it and think, “oh I should try that sometime”, only to never make it back? Well that happens to me A LOT, especially in a suburb like Surry Hills. Hip, trendy cafes on every corner, options galore, and enough variety to leave the most dedicated gluttons entertained for months.

Well one such restaurant came back up again, while I was taking a long, late night stroll with Sam: Rush Hotdogs and Burgers sits on the corner of Elizabeth and Albion, and after months of “maybe I’ll make it next time”, we finally made it.

Review of Rush Hotdogs and Burgers, Surry Hills - El Cabrones (Wagyu Beef Burger, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon, Guacamole, Onion, Chipotle, JalapeñoEl Cabrones (Wagyu Beef Burger, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Bacon, Guacamole, Onion, Chipotle, Jalapeño

Now you can’t go to a burger joint without actually ordering a burger, so we got the El Cabrones with a side of chips, and chicken wings.

Review of Rush Hotdogs and Burgers, Surry Hills - Chicken WingsChicken Wings

The El Cabrones – wagyu beef patty, guacamole, lettuce, tomatoes, bacon, chipotle, jalapeno – was a bit like a really precocious child: it held so much promise, but was unfortunately a bit of a non-event. A beef patty so overcooked it was like cardboard, totally tanked the careful work that went into creating a riot of flavours that were nicely balanced. And if I wanted to be disappointed, I’d just go step on a weighing scale.

The Chicken Wings, though, thankfully salvaged the whole experience. Well seasoned on the outside, hot and juicy on the inside, and totally tastes of chicken that has been brined. And anyone who takes the effort to brine their chicken is okay in my books.

Maybe the hotdogs will be better.

This meal was independently paid for.
Rush Hotdogs and Burgers
240 Elizabeth St
Surry Hills, NSW
Phone: (02) 9211 9045

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WIP me into shape! Work in Progress, Sydney

WIP, Sydney, Restaurant Review

We know that Merivale does good things, and as a dining powerhouse, their food will always hit a minimum, consistent standard. Combine that with experienced, star chefs, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for trendy restaurants that makes food-lover’s mouth water, and eyes glaze over.

The latest project is Patrick Freisen’s Work In Progress (WIP), and they have been drawing extended crowds in with a menu of Fried chicken, and Lo Mein.

Curry Wagyu Brisket Lo MeinCurried beef brisket noodle soup, $16

I’ve never been a huge fan of noodles in watery soup, but there’s a very thin line between soup and gravy, and this curry sauce with its tender beef brisket pieces and yellow strands of noodles is my very definition of comfort food. This serving of Curry Beef Brisket Lo Mein looks a bit on the small side, but the bowl contained a good amount of food, and I wasn’t actually left wanting.

And then, fried chicken! Because who can resist fried chicken?

Half and Half ComboHalf & half ginger fried chicken & chilli fried chicken, $18

Pnom Penh Chicken WingsPnomh penh wings, lime white pepper, $16

The Ginger Fried Chicken tasted like plain fried chicken to me – not a bad thing! – and the Chilli Fried Chicken brought a really nice punch. My favourite part is licking off the sticky glaze from my fingers, and the juxtaposition of the crunchy, sticky and juicy in the one delicious bite.

The Pnom Penh Wings also made a fantastic impact on me, mostly because the lime and white pepper dipping sauce provided a refreshing palate cleanser of sorts that kept me going back for more chicken!

It’s a great non-committal way to try out new dishes, and providing new lunch options to those working in the CBD. Sure, the meals aren’t exactly what I would call “value for money”, but it is good food executed at high standards, so…you get what you pay for.

Give it a try next time you’re in town – we don’t know when this pop up will ship out.

This meal was independently paid for.
Work in Progress
50 King St
Sydney, NSW 2000
Phone: 02 9240 3000

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