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C’est La Vie! BBR French World Festival, Circular Quay

Review of BBR French World Festival

French: the language of love, romance, and..CHEESE!! The BBR (bleu blanc rouge – blue, white and red) festival is ON at Customs House to celebrate Bastille day.

Okay, so there’s more than cheese, but I got distracted.

Review of BBR French World Festival: foie gras canapesFoie Gras Canapés from Chef Up Sydney’s French Cooking Masterclass

Chef’s Up! was holding french cooking masterclasses, and we were treated to everything from escargot to foie gras!

Review of BBR French World Festival: melted raclette over charcuterie platterRaclette and Charcuterie Platter

But onto the cheese. I had a bit of food ADHD walking around the whole festival – there was everything from belgian waffles, to poutine, to rosti, to my favourite…RACLETTE!

Review of BBR French World Festival: melted raclette toastiesMelted Raclette Toasties

I only had time and money to buy one thing, and I chose to go for the fabulous raclette. Coming from the word “racler” which refers to the scraping of the melted cheese off the wheel, the experience of this cheese is like a fondue on steriods.

Frencheese, who usually has market stalls in Melbourne, were melting raclette on, well, everything. From charcuterie to potatoes to toasties, its very hard to go wrong with delicious melted cheese.

But be wary: the line is insane and the wait even longer. If you have a spare 45 minutes to get food, then I would say its worth a try.

Or maybe just get some belgian chips to snack on while waiting in line. 🙂

BBR French World Festival is running till the end of today at Customs House, so get in quick! Visit the BBR Festival website for more details.

Insatiable Munchies attended the French Masterclass by Chef Up! as guests of BBR French World Festival.
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