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Burgers for Boobs!

Burgers for Boobs, Sydney Food Blog Review

Being the owner of a set of boobs, I must say that there is one thing way more porn-worthy to me: burgers. After all, they are a delicious, round, juicy, hands-on experience, and guarantees way more satisfaction.

Which is why I think it’s entirely appropriate – and clever! – that the Fatties Burger Appreciation Group has organized three amazing chefs to cook for a burger festival with a good cause: Burgers for Boobs is there to raise money for breast cancer research! On July 12th, Harpoon Harry‘s will transform into a burger popup, and ticket holders will get to feast on three works of art: The Carny from Bar Luca, The Pit Stop from Chef’s Kitchen and Cafe, and the El Gringo from Danno’s Cafe.

Bar Luca

Sydney Food Blog Review of Bar Luca, Sydney CBD: The CarnivaleThe Carny

*SPOILER ALERT: this is my favourite burger of the lot.

Maybe it’s because of Chef Sarah’s delicately balanced perfection of wagyu patty, American cheddar, lettuce, tomato, bacon and toffee apple aioli, maybe because I believe in GIRL POWER, or maybe because that toffee apple aioli is a cute shade of hot pink. Whatever the case, this burger is seriously addictive, and kept me going back even after I was stuffed to the brim.

And those chips. They may look like innocent shoestring fries, but the secret mix of herbs and spicies (I know what they are, but I’ll never telllllll) is really a secret to behold. Delicious.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Bar Luca.
Bar Luca
52 Phillip Street, CBD
Sydney, NSW
Phone: 02 9247 9700

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Chef’s Kitchen and Cafe

Chef's Kitchen and CafeThe Pit Stop

Chef Charlie gives off a mad scientist/chef vibe, and The Pit Stop is the culmination of his hard work. With smoked wagyu patty cooked to a medium, pulled pork, fresh salad dressed in a house made pit sauce, and candied bacon on the top, this burger is served in an oval bun, to minimise mess and maximise experience.

Oh and if the burger wasn’t enough? It’s being served on the side with PORK CRACKLING DUSTED CHIPS. Pig lovers rejoice!! Woohoo!

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Chef’s Kitchen and Cafe.
Chef’s Kitchen and Cafe
Shop 565, Pacific Highway
Wollstonecraft NSW
Phone: 0414 255 989

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Danno’s Cafe

Review of Danno's, Dee Why: The GringoEl Gringo

If Bar Luca‘s burger carries the finesse of a woman’s touch, then Danno’s Cafe surely triumphs with brute force. The El Gringo is a monster of a burger with 8hr slow braised brisket, cos lettuce, American cheese, avoado salsa, pickled jalapeƱo, lime and chipotle crema. And it’s not even their biggest burger!

This towering monolith (and acconpanying mexican seasoned fries) is a juicy, messy, hands on experience, and provides all the satisfying artery clogging sensations that you associate with a good burgerrific meal. Because you should really feel it. In your heart.

Napkins essential.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Danno’s Cafe.
Danno’s Cafe
23 Howard Avenue
Dee Why, NSW
Phone: 02 8094 9677

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Sarah, Charlie and Josh will be serving up their amazing burgers as part of Burgers for Boobs this Sunday, 12th of July 2015, at Harpoon Harry’s in Surry Hills! Tickets are limited, so head on over to their Facebook page for more details, and TO GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!!