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Party Food Roundup: The Canapes


As we move ever closer to Christmas, the number of parties and social situations seem to just go through the roof. Sometimes it just involves you turning up, and sometimes you might have to bring a little somethin’ somethin’. If you’re in the mood to bring a whole main, I did a roundup here that you might be interested in. Otherwise, how about canapés for little bite sized treats that can be dead easy, but are sure to impress at your next party.

1. Fig and Prosciutto Parcels


If you’re a child of the 80s (and prior), you’re sure to have heard of Devils on Horseback (that involves prunes and bacon). Since that flavour explosion proved to us that dried fruit and cured meat are a dynamo flavour combo, why not try this variation with dried figs?

2. Mini Quiche


More food from the 80s party! Mini quiches were all the rage, and it’s not hard to see why. With a buttery pastry shell and soft luscious filling, you can have many variations of quiche prepared wayyy in advance, leaving you free to enjoy your own party on the day. Just pop it into the oven to reheat and out comes magic delicious canapés.

3. Sea Urchin Butter on Oysters


With Christmas happening in the heat of an Australian summer, it’s no wonder that seafood is a huge favourite for parties. If you want to add another level of flavour to your oysters, why not try this sea urchin butter that you can just melt over the top, adding another layer of luxury.

4. Peach and Crispy Prosciutto Crackers


For a refreshing and simple canapé that you can ‘just throw together’, these peach and crispy prosciutto crackers pair the refreshing fruit of summer, with the wafer thin crispy prosciutto. It’s like bacon, but more sophistimicated.

5. Brazilian Cheesebread

Cheese, in bread! I don’t need to say anymore.

6. Sea Urchin Chawanmushi


If you want to throw something a bit more fancy, then try these teeny weeny chawanmushi. These Japanese steamed egg custards don’t need to have sea urchin in them, and can be totally vegetarian if you want (and if they eat eggs). Only downside is that you’ll need to have/rent little cups that you can steam the custards in. But well worth the effort.