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Are you a tofu? BCD Tofu House, Epping

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: Stewed Beef Ribs

Do you know what it means to call someone a tofu in the Asian culture? It means that the someone is soft, and prone to crying. All defenceless and weak, like a block of silken tofu.

Well, that’s the idea anyway.

But for all its tenderness, it’s very hard to cook with silken tofu, and cook it well. When done right, it soaks up all the surrounding flavours, but retains its velvet silkiness. Ang you would hope restaurant that calls itself a tofu house, is going to do right by it.

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: Seafood PancakeSeafood Pancake

The decision to go to BCD Tofu House was indeed one based on tofu. Tofu stew, that is. Also known as Soondubu Jigae, this winter comfort involves soft tofu, a chilli soup, and ribbons of egg. But one cannot survive on tofu alone, so of course, we order other things.

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: JapchaeJapchae

The Seafood Pancake was quite nice in a not-fancy-pants sorta way. Seafood that isn’t overcooked, and a pancake that’s cooked all the way through with no remnant of floury batter. I don’t think that’s asking for too much. The Japchae was a hit with me and Christine, but deemed by resident Korean food expert Simon as having that “reheated, oily taste”, which tells you how little I actually know about Korean cuisine.

But hey, I didn’t grow up eating Japchae, so I’d go with what Simon says.

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: Stewed Beef RibsStewed Beef Ribs

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: BossamBossam

Also on the table were Stewed Beef Ribs, and Bossam. Beef ribs in any form, I like, and this spicy soupy thing with tender radish chunks? Yes please! And bits of chewy noodles down the bottom of the pot. Because not everything needs rice.

I’m kidding. Of course everything needs rice. What kind of an Asian do you think I am?

The Bossam was also on point. Well, the pork anyway. Neatly sliced pieces of braised pork with the right ratio of fat to meat. I could’ve eaten it all day long. The lettuce, not so much. Usually served with a softer, more refreshing salad leaf, this one was served with rigid Chinese cabbage, that just made it very hard to eat.

Oh well, I just have to eat pork and sauce then. Hard life.

Sydney Food Blog Review of BCD Tofu House, Epping: Tofu HotpotTofu Hotpot

As for the Soondubu Jigae? Well, according to our resident Korean food expert, it’s actually quite decent, although not quite as good as you can make at home. Although, most things get that way when you know how to make it properly. All I know was that it was a cold night, and the hot spicy stew served over rice was just the ticket.

Tofu errday.

This meal was independently paid for.
BCD Tofu House
74-76 Rawson Street
Epping, Sydney, NSW
Phone: (02) 9868 4300

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SSSSSSSSmokkim Modern Kitchen, Top Ryde

Deep Fried Stuffed Jalapeno

I remember when I first visited Korea with my parents – we had a tour guide explaining the nuances of the culture, and telling us little anecdotes and stories, to illustrate what makes Koreans, well, Korean. Fast forward 17 years (eep!) and I’m still utterly fascinated with the culture, and not only because the boys in Big Bang are so stylish and pretty!

I’ve always been a firm believer that food is a gateway into a culture and history of a country, and for that reason, the food needs to sometimes be varied in order to make it slightly more accessible, because you can’t always expect people to go straight for the fermented funky fish. Smokkim Modern Kitchen seems to be trying to achieve that, with a Korean style influenced menu set amongst casual dining surroundings. Located next to Oliver Brown in Top Ryde City, this cosy restaurant has lovely ambient lighting, and a large balcony area if you prefer al fresco dining.

Marinated Beef BunMarinated Beef Bun – Soy marinated sirloin , ssamjang, kimchi

Soft Shell Crab BunCrispy Soft Shell Crab Bun – cos lettuce, coriander, tobikko mayo

First order of the day – buns. Soft, sweet, milky white buns that are the cornerstone Asian pastries. There was a trio of them on the menu – Marinated Beef, Pork Belly, and Soft Shell Crab. The Marinated Beef – my favourite of the three – was generously filled to the brim with sweet soy cooked wafer thin slices of beef, and just the right amount of kimchi and greens to balance the kick of salt and sugar. Yum. The Pork Belly came a close second, but it really was much better in the Bossam (below), and for that I’d go for more beef buns if I had to order again. Not quite the standard of Pu’er or Belly Bao, but tasty enough to support the menu.

Deep fried stuffed jalapenoDeep Fried Stuffed Jalapeño – Premium pork neck mince, silky tofu, mixed vegies

The Deep Fried Stuffed Jalapeño is great as a bar option, and because, #fryday. Stuffed with pork mince and crumbed in panko, these give off a satisfying crunch followed by requisite juiciness upon the first bite. A very grown up Jalapeño popper, these bites bring a touch of sophistication to the urge to pair fried food with alcohol. Quite lovely, but needs more mayo.

Everything can always do with more mayo.

Bibimbap of the dayBibimbap of the day – Rice dish reinterpreted by Smokkim, with spanner crab, dried seaweed, kohlrabi, egg custard

I was first introduced to bibimbap in its searing hot stone bowl by my dad at age 12, and the mix of rice, vegetable, egg, sauce and the delicious crust down the bottom of the bowl has been an expectation of bibimbap ever since. This however, was a cold version, with crab, seaweed, radish, and what looked like scrambled eggs. Like a chirashi almost. And while I can appreciate the concept of the interpretation, I can’t really say that I enjoyed this one. The sauce that came with it wasn’t quite enough to moisten the bowl, and the spanner crab was a little light on flavour. And it made me a little sad, because then I just wanted a chirashi bowl, but it wasn’t socially acceptable for me to have two lunches in a row. /sadface.

BossamBossam – Traditional Korean dish, slow cooked pork belly, radish and beetroot pickle, soy caramel sauce

But for what the Bibimbap gave in disappointment, the Bossam made up for it. Thick slices of braised, tender pork belly are laid on a plate with kale leaves, pickles and ssamjang – a fermented bean sauce that typically goes with the dish – and you’re meant to make little wraps that are mouthfuls of bliss. I especially enjoyed the structure that the kale gave to this, even though it isn’t a traditional choice of green, and the sticky sweet soy that coated the pork belly just had me licking my fingers. Favourite of the day, and so light on the belly too!

Wagyu Beef BurgerWagyu Beef Burger

And of course, a burger, because Sam must order a burger when he sees it on the menu. It was a really nice burger, but again, not quite in the league of the burger giants in Sydney. The zucchini chips also provided a lovely crunch to me (Sam wasn’t a fan), but somehow it was sorely lacking a type of dipping sauce that usually goes with a side of chips. For me, anyway.

I think Smokkim is a fantastic first date option – you know that you’re getting decent food and attentive service (we were the only people sitting on the balcony and we still didn’t get neglected), with just enough culture to make it interesting, but not enough to potentially leave you smelling like smoke and hotpot while walking out of the restaurant. No, that, you leave for date 3 or 4. I much preferred the small bites to the large, although I can very well see me treating myself to a Bossam plate for a leisurely lunch.

Mmmm. Pork Belly.

Insatiable Munchies dined as guests of Smokkim Modern Kitchen.

Smokkim Modern Kitchen
Shop 4003 Corner Devlin St And Blaxland Rd
Ryde, NSW 2112
Phone: 02 9809 5703
Opening Hours: Mon – Thurs, 10am-11:30pm, Fri-Sat, 11am-1am, Sun, 10am-11:30pm

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