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5 ways to save money at the Taste of Sydney

Roast pig on a spit, from 4Fourteen

I’ve been going to the Taste of Sydney just about every year since they’ve launched, and I can say for sure that it’s gotten wayyyyy more pricey to enjoy the day. It went from budgeting about $10 for a portion, to $15 a portion, to about $20 a portion. So, being the ever hungry but cheap bargain hunting person that I am, I’ve come up with a few ways you can stretch your dollar at Taste.

1. Go with friends

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The number one way to try more food while spending less money? Split the bill! Find similarly minded foodie friends who share your bargain-hunting instincts, and go together! Besides, festivals are always more fun with friends anyway.

2. Plan your menu

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Taste always releases the menu ahead of the opening, so have a look through and see what you’d like to try! It saves you wandering around and spending more than you wanted to, to begin with. You can find the Taste of Sydney 2015 menu here!

3. Try to get free tickets in!

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It costs $30 to even enter Taste, which means that you are losing out on yet another dish you could have had! But there’s hope: so many competitions run leading up to Taste, giving away free tickets. Take the 2 minutes to sign up – you never know how much you can save on entry!

4. Look for flash sales

There are flash sales leading up to the festival all the time. Sometimes you can get tickets half-priced, or bundled with crowns for a wayyy better price than just rocking up at the door. Keep a lookout for these sales – you can save heaps!

5. Get your money back!

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The currency at Taste are Crowns, and these get loaded on to a card for you to spend at the festival. But whatever you put on there, is completely refundable. That’s right, if you feel like you’ve had enough and want to bail, you can just rock up to one of the “Crown Banks” and get your money back. All of it. Don’t feel the pressure to spend it all just because it’s loaded onto the card.

But if even if you did spend every last dollar on there, don’t forget to return the card to the bank – there’s a $1 deposit on the cards which you can get back if you just give them back!