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How to Drink More Water – 10 Ways to Boost Your Water Intake

We all know we should drink more water. It is after all one of our most basic needs for survival. Taken from the cute toddler mopping your floor all day to the professional athlete breaking laws of physics with each stride, we all need to keep hydrated in order our bodies to function in tiptop conditions. It seems like a fairly straight forward process, but it’s surprising how difficult it can be to follow the one simple rule. DRINK. MORE. WATER! Follow these simple tips to drink more water and boost your water intake.

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New Author: Say Hi To Sam

Thanks for checking out my first post on TeaForTammi. Tammi, the person who the Tea was initially brewed for, is going to be a very busy girl for the next few months and she’s been awesome enough to let me write on her beautiful blog.

I often find my monkey brain wondering about the most absurd things in life. Sometimes they’re just silly things, truly first world problems like: 

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Drive By Eating: Le Bistro Dorine, Eastwood

Never in my life have I been surrounded with so many cafés, so many options, so many shops fighting to put a warm caffeinated beverage in my hands and send me off to work. In the mere 10 minutes walk to the Eastwood train station, I can think of over 5 cafés, each located within meters of each other, competing for my attention. Cherry Beans Cafe, Pishon Cafe and Sweet Pumpkin Soup Cafe are three that immediately come to mind. Some, intoxicating you with the awakening aroma of their coffee, while the rest repel you with the smell of burned coffee and their lack of appreciation for these magical beans.

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