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September 2015

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Mix, Shangri La

    Singapore week! Cafe Mix, Shangri La

    I have a confession: I have been so busy eating, that I’ve actually not had enough time to blog. I know, #FoodBloggerProblems, right? But finally, FINALLY, I’m sitting down to write the recap of…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Wok On Inn, Zetland

    Wok this way: Wok On Inn, Zetland

    I am not who you’d call an adventurer. Even living in Sydney, I’ve seen less of Australia than many tourists. Maybe even less of Sydney. So when I got an invitation to Wok On…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review: Taste of Shanghai, World Square

    Shanghai’d! Taste of Shanghai, World Square

    Dumpling frenzy is alive and well in Sydney, with every man and his dog attempting the iconic soup dumpling (xiao long bao) – little pastry wrapped parcels of engineering genius that explode with scalding…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Cafe Cre Asion, Surry Hills

    Asian? Asion! Cafe Cre Asion, Sydney

    What do you do after you go on a multi-pork-roll-food-crawl down oxford street? Walk to Surry Hills to get dessert, of course! And that’s how we found ourselves at Cafe Cre Asion (how do…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Spice I Am, Surry Hills

    Green eggs and…Spice I am, Surry Hills

    Salads aren’t always green. And you know what, some of the most delicious salads I’ve had, have been far from green. The banana flower, for example, is an amazingly fresh ingredient that has astringent…