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June 2015

    Photography Tech

    Guide to Photography: The Rule of Thirds

    Guide to Photography: The Rule of Thirds

    Wayyyyy back in the day, when my parents gave me a disposable camera so that I could take pictures on a primary school zoo trip, I took some really badly composed pictures. I took my mother’s advice to “put people in the middle” too far, and it turns out that it really didn’t quite work when composing a photograph.

    So fast forward 10 years, and I get my first lesson in photography: The Rule of Thirds. The golden rule of composition that is taught to all beginners, and still works for me, even to this day!

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  • Black Garlic Aioli Recipe
    Food Recipe

    Black Garlic Aioli Recipe

    So I think I’ve established just how much I love garlic – from my miso caramelised garlic bread, to making my own black garlic at home, I will endlessly try to find more excuses…

  • Netflix Binge: Review of NBC's Parenthood
    Entertainment TV Series

    Netflix Binge: Parenthood

    I’m hooked. I’m completely hooked. Let me just start by saying that I don’t usually like dramas very much. They’re heavy, and gets under your skin, and makes me cry and mess up my…

  • Photography 101: Saturation
    Photography Tech

    Guide to photography: Saturation

    Sometimes, photography can get so cluttered with techniques and illusions that it can be very hard to know where to start if you wanna improve! So I thought it might be nice have a…

  • Beauty Review

    Laser Hair Removal: First treatment

    Picture source: Flickr So somewhere along the way, the hairless look became sexy, but the talk about hair removal became awkward. Like a dirty little secret. I remember totally being awkward as a teenager…

  • Being Sick Sucks

    Being Sick Sucks.

    I think it’s a bit self-explanatory, no? For some stupid reason, I’ve been struck down by the flu, and I’m in she-hulk mode. (HULK SMASH..potatoes?)Everything annoys me, I’m always STARVING, and I can’t do…