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  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Chur Burger, Domestic Airport

    Fly me to the moon: Domestic Airport, Sydney

    Airports are usually associated with sterile out-of-the-way buildings filled with surly security people whose sole purpose is to remind you why you need to get away and have a holiday. And airport food? Overpriced…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of COOH, Alexandria

    COOH, Alexandria

    When you say “brunch” and “Alexandria” in the same sentence, you’d probably start thinking about The Grounds of Alexandria and their farmyard pets. But with that, you’d probably also start seeing the bustling crowds…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Coco Cubano, Ryde

    Loco for…Coco Cubano, Ryde

    When I first saw Coco Cubano, all I knew was that you could order a Cuban cigar with your hot chocolate. I don’t smoke, and the hot chocolate was okay, but not great, so…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Taste of Shanghai, World Square

    Taste of Shanghai, World Square

    Ever eat so much that the meal was just a whirlwind and the evening was a blur because you’ve blacked out from a food coma? I had that, when we were invited to celebrate…

  • Home Thai, Sydney. Sydney Food Blog Review

    At..Home Thai, Sydney

    Remember how I talked about how every conversation with my friends revolve around food? Yep, it’s struck again! This time it was Christine’s birthday, so Simon and I went present shopping. But first, lunch.…

  • The Rice Den, St. Leonard's. Sydney Food Blog Review

    The Rice Den, St Leonard’s

    What’s going on with the North Sydney area? It wasn’t until I started looking through my calendar did I realise how many trips I was making into the St. Leonard’s/Crows Nest to eat. Thai…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Le Grande Bouffe, Rozelle

    Big Foot? Big Food! La Grande Bouffe, Rozelle

    When I was a kid, I wanted to be one of those people who were randomly fluent in French. I imagined myself sitting in a quaint little cafe, surrounding by picturesque surroundings…and effortlessly ordering…

  • Sydney Food Blog Review of Tamagta Ya, Neutral Bay

    Tamageta Ya, Neutral Bay

    I have found my Mecca. A place where I can go to for some spiritual healing. Where I can congregate with other people similar to me and bask in the glory in something bigger…